Feb 08 2008

Ricardo Silveira: Outro Rio

Another Hit


Outro Rio (Another River)

I first heard of Ricardo Silveira when he released his second solo album in 1988, Long Distance. In these 20 years, there has been one constant in all of Ricardo’s releases: he is a consummate guitarist who always surprises his listeners with an excellent choice of repertoire and impeccable performance — not to mention the extra guests he easily assembles for these recordings. Whether playing an electric or acoustic guitar, the sound he creates is soulful and gentle and has a direct connection with his heart. That, in turn, connects with the listener in several ways. If you’re a guitar aficionado, you know that as simple as it might seem, what you hear is actually the touch of a virtuoso. If you are just a fan, you feel his passion in the music you hear. Ricardo has played with a true list of who’s who in Brazilian music, including Elis Regina, Milton Nascimento, Gilberto Gil, Gal Costa, Ivan Lins, João Bosco, Ney Matogrosso and Chico Buarque. As for the invited guests in his albums, he crosses borders. David Sanborn, Ernie Watts, Léo Gandelman, Márcio Montarroyos, Justo Almario, Toninho Horta and Branford Marsalis are just a few to mention.

Outro Rio (Another River) is Ricardo’s ninth solo album. The same smoothness as in “Terra Azul” (1988’s Long Distance), sensuality as in “Magical Fantasy” (1989’s Sky Light) and funk as in “Tango Carioca” (2003’s Noite Clara) are all present here.Co-produced with Duda Melo, the CD also features heavyweight names in Brazilian instrumental music including Jorge Helder, Rômulo Gomes and André Rodrigues (basses), Jurim Moreira, André Tandeta and Renato Massa (drums), Armando Marçal (percussion), Marcelo Martins (tenor sax). Special guests are Marcos Nimrichter (piano), João Donato (piano), Nailor Proveta (clarinet), Jaques Morelenbaum (cello) and Maria Rita in a gorgeous vocal. Ricardo SilveiraRicardo wrote all music in the album and plays mostly acoustic guitar throughout, except in two tracks, where he doubles the fun with electric guitars.

The title track is a nice bossa performed just in a trio format of acoustic guitar, bass and drums. With that smooth introduction, the mood for the rest of the album is promptly set. The first three tracks carry a water theme following the album title. When the sun comes up with “O Sol na Janela,” João Donato’s acoustic piano and unmistakable presence are a joy to hear. In “Choro Bacana,” one of the two tracks where Ricardo plays both acoustic and electric guitars, Nailor Proveta’s nostalgic clarinet solo is a reminder of a beautiful era gone by now relived in this fine composition. Undoubtedly, Maria Rita’s vocal in “A Medida do Meu Coração” is the album’s most unforgettable moment. Her voice and Ricardo’s acoustic guitar are all you hear — and nothing else is needed!

Outro Rio (Another River) is yet another hit in Ricardo’s solid and respected career. His music and guitar playing continue to please fans worldwide,

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Ricardo Silveira
Outro Rio (Another River) 
Adventure Music AM1033 2 (2007)
Time: 69’59”


All tracks by Ricardo Silveira, except where noted.

  1. Outro Rio (Another River)
  2. Água da Nascente (Water from the Spring)
  3. Chuva de Manhã (Rain in the Morning)
  4. O Sol na Janela (The Sun at the Window) – w/ João Donato
  5. Melhores Tempos (Better Times)
  6. Choro Bacana
  7. O Monstro e a Flor (The Monster and the Flower) (Ricardo Silveira – Cláudio Roditi)
  8. Dia Bom (Good Day) (Ricardo Silveira – Ivan Lins)
  9. A Medida do Meu Coração (My Heart’s Way) (Ricardo Silveira – Pedro Luís) – w/ Maria Rita
  10. Moonlight in Rangiroa
  11. Viver em Paz (To Live in Peace) – w/ Jaques Morelenbaum
  12. Lembranças (Still Think of You)