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Nov 18 2016

Dan Costa: Suíte Três Rios

Suíte Três Rios

Endless Sea of Excellence! Brazilian music has really solidified its presence in the world music scene. Countless artists across the globe have performed and recorded classics from the Brazilian songbook. Each year new names surface with noteworthy albums. Dan Costa (London, UK – 1989) is yet another newcomer who creates Brazilian music and extends our …

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Feb 08 2008

Ricardo Silveira: Outro Rio

Another Hit   I first heard of Ricardo Silveira when he released his second solo album in 1988, Long Distance. In these 20 years, there has been one constant in all of Ricardo’s releases: he is a consummate guitarist who always surprises his listeners with an excellent choice of repertoire and impeccable performance — not …

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Jun 07 2003

Morelenbaum2/Sakamoto: A Day in New York

A Day in New York

Breathless Again!   Jobim is home, again. One of 2002’s best releases, Casa, has a follow-up cd that is bound to leave you breathless again. A Day in New York picks up where Casa left off and takes you to another visit to the world of Jobim music in the hands of these highly talented …

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