Jul 21 2013

O Som do Jazz: A Kiss for Rio

Bossa Nova and More!


A Kiss for RioBased in St. Petersburg, Florida, O Som do Jazz continues its Bossa Nova vein and adds MPB, samba-funk, baião and samba-Jazz with a new album of nine swinging original compositions and three classics from the Brazilian songbook. This international seven-member ensemble is comprised of David Manson (trombone & percussion), Austin Vickrey (saxes & flute), David Cubillos (keyboards), Alfredo Rivero (guitar), Alejandro Arenas (bass), Mark Feinman (drums) and Andrea Moraes Manson (vocals & percussion). Here you have a Brazilian vocalist performing together with Colombian, Cuban and US musicians in a joyful performance of Brazilian sounds.

After their 2008 debut Infinita Bossa, a tribute to Bossa Nova, the group was ready to explore more of the Brazilian music with other genres added to their well performed repertoire. This is what you get in David Manson’s crafty production A Kiss for Rio. From the João Donato Bossa “Sambou, Sambou,” O Som do Jazz gets down to business quickly and effortlessly. Using sounds reminiscent of their influences from the famous Brazilian Tamba and Zimbo Trios, the track is a strong opener. Andrea Moraes Manson’s vocals are direct and with plenty of swing to spare. It’s a joy to hear her voice. Bossa Nova continues to dominate in the second track, the original “White Sails” and also later on in “Secret Paradise.” Pay attention to Alfredo Rivero’s captivating guitar solos. This guy is very good. Also, Austin Vickrey’s sax solos add a fiery and yet smooth tone to the songs we hear in the album.

Departing from their comfortable Bossa Nova domain, O Som do Jazz also explores other Brazilian genres. Two baiões get a special swaying treatment in “Brisa do Nordeste” and “Manhã Alegre.” The rhythmic MPB numbers, “Madrugada” and the classic “Tarde em Itapoã” are memorable. The subtle trombone and flute solos in the introduction in “Tarde em Itapoã” give the song a fresh and very effective arrangement.

O Som do Jazz has a busy agenda with concerts throughout Florida. When they come to your corner of the world, be sure to add their concert to your calendar. You can visit the band’s web site for more information at O Som do Jazz.

Here is a preview of the group performing Moacir Santos’ “Nana.”

[youtube http://youtu.be/VrKWwThfdNE]



O Som do Jazz
A Kiss for Rio
Isospin Labs iso-42061 (2013)
Total Time: 46’08”


All tracks by David and Andrea Mason, except where noted.

  1. Sambou, Sambou (João Donato)
  2. White Sails
  3. Brisa do NOrdeste
  4. Saudade Que Dá
  5. Batucada
  6. Madrugada
  7. Nana (Moacir Santos)
  8. Secret Paradise
  9. Sambando
  10. Manhã Alegre
  11. Tarde em Itapoã (Toquinho – Vinícius de Moraes)
  12. Rio de Janeiro