Mar 09 2005

Mario Adnet: Planeta Azul

Joyce, Jaques Morelenbaum Drop By


Planeta Azul Planeta Azul was produced by Mario Adnet and Waldemar Falcão with Adnet in charge of musical direction and arrangements. The album features again special guests Joyce and Céu da Boca and also features Olivia Byington. The musicians featured in this recording include renowned names such as Hugo Fatoruso (synthesizer) and Jaques Morelenbaum (cello) among others. All compositions in Planeta Azul are originals penned by Adnet himself and some of his collaborators.

The title track is a soft song featuring Adnet’s acoustic guitar solo backing up his vocals along with Joyce. After the first verses, Nando Carneiro adds a subtle synthesizer accompaniment. The song is a celebration to planet Earth. The lyrics highlight the beauty of the planet and that we should not have to wait for miracles to make things right here. If not for ourselves, we should take care of the planet for our children. It is a very beautiful song, not only for its message but also for the tender performances Adnet and Joyce give. With “x-42,” we move to a very up-tempo beat with this bouncy instrumental number. Besides the great soprano sax solos by Marcelo Bernardes, Rodrigo Campello’s hot guitar solo dominate the arrangement. “Bolero,” as the name gives it away, is a romantic song with a nice vocal arrangement featuring, among others, Eveline Hecker, Muísa and Mariza Adnet . Another great vocal arrangement is featured in “Reza Macunaíma,” and here the back-up vocals include the voices of Lenine and Lula Queiroga among others. The Carnaval-infused march “Por Cima de Mim” features Céu da Boca (super vocal group made up of Paula Morelenbaum, Maucha Adnet, Marcia Ruiz, Verônica Sabino, Rosa Lobo, Paulo Malagutti, Paulo Brandão, Chico Adnet, Ronald Valle, Dalmo Medeiros — no longer recording as a group) and again Campello’s electrifying guitar solo and accompaniment.

Planeta Azul offers a nice mixture of instrumentals and vocals. It would be nice to see this album reissued as a CD. Even in vinyl format this album is hard to find.



Mario Adnet
Planeta Azul 
Independent (1984)
Time: 31’50”


  1. Planeta Azul (Mario Adnet – Juca Filho) w/ Joyce
  2. x-42 (Mario Adnet)
  3. Bolero (Mario Adnet – Geraldo Carneiro)
  4. Reza Macunaíma (Mario Adnet – Juca Filho)
  5. Pim Pim (Mario Adnet)
  6. Por Cima de Mim (Mario Adnet – Chico Chaves) w/ Céu da Boca
  7. Noites de Medéia (Mario Adnet – Rodrigo Campello) w/ Olivia Byington
  8. Ele Não Tá Nem Aí (Mario Adnet – Lourenço Baêta)
  9. Pra Joana (Mario Adnet – Luiz Fernando Favilla)