Apr 18 2014

Maria Bethânia: Carta de Amor

Confirming Her Status

Carta de AmorLet’s be honest, but are we waiting for yet another live album by Maria Bethânia? There’s a new live CD/ DVD by the singer every few years. Never many surprises on it but always completely fulfilling the expectations; just like The Rolling Stones do… The British rockers also have the habit to release one live DVD after the other. Although that’s, of course, where all comparisons stop between the two crowd-pleasers.
Yes, there’s a new live album by Maria Bethânia (Bahia, 1946). And yes, it’s worth the effort. The refinement of this new show makes it a pleasure to watch and hear. Especially for us, who are outside the tour-range of the artist, the release of the concert tapes are pure fun. Sit down and enjoy the show!

As usual Bethânia made a clever choice from her immense repertoire. The basis is formed by the most recent studio album, Oasis (2012). There are seven songs from that 50th album of Maria Bethânia, including “Carta de Amor” (Love Letter). This song is the first song Bethânia recorded with her own lyrics. “Carta de Amor” is also the title of this live 2CD-set/ DVD, but the singer states that all songs on the album could be “cartas de amor” (love letters). Love in all its forms. “Mature love, betrayed love, eternal love, sad, joyful … ” as Maria Bethânia tells us in a release story.

There’s another reason why this album deserves special attention: the band. We’ve grown accustomed to the fantastic work of guitarist and musical director Jaime Além during the past decades. As good as he is, it’s also good to hear the musical direction in someone else’s hand for a change. That someone else is no one other than Wagner Tiso, the piano playing icon form the state of Minas Gerais. His presence gives the music a noticeable twist. Something we hear immediately with the first song “Canções e Momentos” by the hands of Milton Nascimento. Wagner Tiso has worked with Milton for ages. Thus he perfectly knows how to keep that special Nascimento sentiment present during Bethânia’s rendition. The rest of the band is also interesting enough. Jorge Helder is on bass; he’s a solid rock in each band that’s lucky enough to have him. On acoustic guitar we hear Paulinho Dafilin, a relatively new artist and, from what we hear here an also promising name in the Brazilian music scene. Gabriel Improta is the second guitarist in the band. The experienced Marcio Mallard is on cello and there’s also experienced craftsmanship behind the drums (Pantico Rocha) and on percussion (Marcelo Costa).

Maria BethâniaWith Carta de Amor Maria Bethânia gives her fans and the lovers of Brazilian music that’s loaded with sentiment and poetry an hour and a half of good entertainment.



Maria Bethânia
Carta de Amor
Biscoito Fino Discmedi Blau DM5098-02 (2013)
Time: 1°30’45”


  1. Canções e Momentos (Milton Nascimento – Fernando Brant)
  2. Sangrando (Gonzaquinha)
  3. Salmo (Rafael Rabelo – Paulo Cesar Pinheiro)
  4. A Dona do Raio e do Vento (Paulo Cesar Pinheiro – Pedro Caminha)
  5. Cântico Negro (Texto) ( José Régio)
    Não Enche (Caetano Veloso)
  6. Fogueira (Ângela RoRo)
  7. Casablanca (Roque Ferreira)
  8. Na Primeira Manhã (Alceu Valença)
  9. Calunia (Marino Porto – Paulo Soledade)
  10. Negue (Adelino Moreira – Enzo de Almeida Passos)
  11. Barulho (Roque Ferreira)
  12. Fera Ferida (Roberto e Erasmo Carlos)
  13. Quem me Leva os Meus Fantasmas (Pedro Abrunhosa)
  14. Cais (Milton Nascimento – Ronaldo Bastos)
    Maria, Maria (Fernando Brant – Milton Nascimento)


  1. Festa (Gonzaquinha)
  2. Dora (Dorival Caymmi)
  3. Lua Branca (Chiquinha Gonzaga)
  4. Estado de Poesia (Chico César)
  5. Adeus Guacyra (Heckel Tavares – Juracy Camargo)
  6. A Nossa Casa (Arnaldo Antunes – Celeste Moreau Antunes – Paulo Tatit – Alice Ruiz – João Bandeira – Edith Derdik – Sueli Galdino)
  7. Só Vendo Que Beleza (Marambaia) (Rubens Campos – Henricão)
  8. A Casa É Sua (Arnaldo Antunes – Ortinho)
  9. Santo Amaro Ê Ê (DP)
    Quixabeira (DP)
    Reconvexo (Caetano Veloso)
    Minha Senhora (DP)
    Viola Meu Bem (DP)
  10. Minha Casa (Joubert de Carvalho)
  11. O Velho Francisco (Chico Buarque)
    Citação: Lenda Viva (Folclore Brasileiro)
  12. Carta de Amor (Paulo Cesar Pinheiro – Maria Bethânia)
  13. Escândalo (Caetano Veloso)
  14. Salmo (Rafael Rabelo – Paulo Cesar Pinheiro)
  15. Canções e Momentos (Milton Nascimento – Fernando Brant)
  16. Mensagem (Aldo Cabral – Cícero Nunes)
  17. Não Dá Mais Pra Segurar (Explode Coração) (Gonzaguinha)
    O Que É, O Que É (Gonzaguinha)