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Apr 23 2017

Maria Bethânia: Abraçar e Agradecer

Abraçar e Agradecer

A Feast of Recognition It was on my 7th birthday that Maria Bethânia performed her first serious concert; February 13, 1965. That’s more than 50 years ago, which means that there’s a nice opportunity to create a special event. With a serious repertoire of almost 50 songs, Bethânia opened her celebration tour in January 2015 …

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Dec 09 2014

Edu Lobo: 70 Anos

Edu Lobo 70 Anos

The Perfect Birthday Party What to do on your birthday when you get 70? Why not do a concert with some of your good friends in one of Brazil’s most beautiful venues? Of course, such a celebration isn’t given to many people, but things get easier when you’re an icon in the Brazilian Popular Music (MPB) …

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Oct 14 2014

Maria Bethânia: Meus Quintais

Meus Quintas

Continuing… Maria Bethânia’s backyard is full of Brazilian tradition. Just like Brazil’s backyards. As one of the country’s most popular vocalists, she loves to share with her audience a repertoire that represents the social and ethnic diversity of Brazil. At this particular moment in her life, Bethânia ventilates her emotions in a masterful way. It’s …

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Apr 18 2014

Maria Bethânia: Carta de Amor

Carta de Amor

Confirming Her Status Let’s be honest, but are we waiting for yet another live album by Maria Bethânia? There’s a new live CD/ DVD by the singer every few years. Never many surprises on it but always completely fulfilling the expectations; just like The Rolling Stones do… The British rockers also have the habit to …

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Oct 19 2013

Maria Bethânia: Que Falta Você Me Faz

Que Falta Você Me Faz

A Loving Tribute and Celebration   To celebrate Vinícius de Moraes centennial birthday on October 19, 2013, I spent a month listening to many recordings in his vast career. I heard gems such as his album with Portuguese Fado legendary singer Amália Rodrigues, Bossa Nova perennial albums with Odette Lara, Maria Creuza and Toquinho and …

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Aug 05 2011

Maria Bethânia: Amor, Festa e Devoção

Amor, Festa, Devoção

Another Outstanding Performance   Love, celebration and devotion. Three nouns that characterize the sentiment of Maria Bethânia’s most recent studio efforts. In 2009 the singer from Bahia released two albums, Encanteria and Tua. The first about faith; the latter about love. The tour that supported the releases combined the repertoire of the two albums along …

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Feb 05 2010

Maria Bethânia: Tua


Romantic to the Core   Released simultaneously with Encanteria, Tua brings another side of Maria Bethânia so familiar to her countless and loyal fans. Tua is Maria Bethânia’s heart singing just for you. At least that is the impression you will have upon listening to this gorgeous album. Everything from the album cover to its …

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Feb 05 2010

Maira Bethânia: Encanteria


With Devotion   In Brazil many occasions are coloured by music. It’s how the art form easily finds its way to all layers of the Brazilian society. It’s also why tradition always takes a prominent role in the music scene of the country. Singer Maria Bethânia is without questioning the best known representative of this …

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Aug 05 2003

Maria Bethânia: Imitação da Vida

Imitação da Vida

A Fundamental Recording   As cartas de amor, se há amor, têm de ser ridículas. (Love letters, if there is love, must be ridiculous – from Álvaro de Campos’s poem “Todas as Cartas de Amor São”)   Carnegie Hall, Saturday, June 20, 1998. A few twinkling lights can now be seen where there used to …

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Aug 05 2003

Maria Bethânia: Cânticos, Preces, Súplicas à Senhora dos Jardins do Céu

Cânticos, Preces, Súplicas

Contemplative   Originally recorded in 2000 as a limited release for a fundraising effort to the Nossa Senhora da Purificação church, Cânticos, Preces, Súplicas à Senhora dos Jardins do Céu is both typically Maria Bethânia and different from anything she has ever done commercially. It is typical because Bethânia’s performances carry the usual charisma and …

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