Sep 07 2004

Eugênio Leandro: Castelo Encantado

Tropical Landscape Enchantment


Castelo Encantado After 7 long years away from the recording studio, Eugênio Leandro released Castelo Encantado. In addition to old partners such as Oswald Barroso, Leandro also recorded other contemporary names with a strong presence in the music of Ceará, e.g., David Duarte and Kátia Freitas.

Castelo Encantado is probably Leandro’s best album to date. A stronger singer and songwriter, Leandro is bolder and full of energy in this release. The theme of the sea takes center stage in Castelo Encantado. Starting with the title track, Leandro sings about sand dunes, harbors, sailors and fisherman. The same landscape comes back for an encore in “Coqueiro do Atlântico Sul,” with a hot accordion introduction solo by Ítalo Almeida. Also noteworthy is Cristiano Pinho’s steel guitar accompaniment, which is also featured in “Olhos” later on. The scenery painted in Petrúcio Maia’s verses for “Coqueiro do Atlântico Sul” couldn’t be any more tropical than it is (see verses below).

If you have ever experienced the skies in the south Atlantic, you can certainly relate to the colors painted in those lyrics. Previously, Leandro had put music to Rogaciano Leite’s poetry. Here in Castelo Encantado, he uses Gonçalves Dias beautiful poem “Não Me Deixes” to pay homage to Brazilian literature in music.

Coqueiro do Atlântico sul
Na paz do teu mundo verde
Num dia de muito azul
Bebi o céu e o mar
Com sede do infinito

South Atlantic coconut tree
In the peace of your green world
On a very blue day
I drank the sky and the sea
With infinite thirst

Eugênio LeandroWhen Leandro is not singing about the sea, he reminisces about his home land or love. “Olhos” deals with the popular belief that one’s eyes tell the truth. They are the window to your soul. Green, brown or any other color, Leandro questions what his beloved eyes are telling him. In the xote “Pretexto,” we are taken back to life as a child, playing under fruit trees and running up and down dusty streets. However, the singer admits in the end that reminiscing is only an excuse to sing.

Of course, after listening to Castelo Encantado, any listener wil agree that Eugênio Leandro does not need any excuses to sing. His voice and music are balsamic to the heart and soul.



Eugênio Leandro 
Castelo Encantado 
Independent (2002)
Time: 34’32”


  1. Castelo Encantado (Eugênio Leandro – Oswald Barroso)
  2. Coqueiro do Atlântico Sul (Eugênio Leandro – Petrúcio Maia)
  3. Noite (David Duarte)
  4. Não Me Deixes (Eugênio Leandro on a poem by Gonçalves Dias)
  5. Olhos (Eugênio Leandro – Oswald Barroso)
  6. Pretexto (Álcio Barroso – Amaro Pena)
  7. Me Diz (Eugênio Leandro – Kátia Freitas)
  8. Oriente (Eugênio Leandro)
  9. Enquanto a Cidade Dorme (Alan Mendonça – Rafael Torres)
  10. Tô Lá no Mar (Davi Duarte)