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Feb 10 2017

Fernanda Abreu: Amor Geral

Amor Geral

Back in Town It’s hard to believe that it’s already 10 years ago since Fernanda Abreu was last seen in the CD business! Her last album, MTV Ao Vivo, dates back from 2006. “Danceable samba-funk” was a nice way to describe the music of Fernanda Abreu (Rio de Janeiro, 1961). This is the 7th album …

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Jul 23 2006

Fernanda Abreu: MTV Ao Vivo

MTV Ao Vivo

20 Years of Samba-Funk   Rio’s samba-funk singer Fernanda Abreu (1961) prefers the convenience of a recording studio. Yet, in these times of DVDs, the need to do a live album is almost obvious. MTV seduced Fernanda to forget about her principles for just once and taped a special for this occasion created show for …

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Sep 23 2002

Fernanda Abreu: Entidade Urbana

Entidade Urbana

Samba-Rap   This Carioca girl (born September 8th, 1961) grew up in a more than average environment: house with a swimming pool near Jardim Botânico in Rio. Not many problems. Took ballet lessons at 9; went to study architecture at UFRJ; got bored and switched to Sociology at PUC. That’s when her life took a …

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