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Jan 16 2010

Wolf Borges: Circo dos Sonhos

Stellar and Well-Deserved Support   Having a long list of special guests in any particular album is a good way to attract attention to a new release. When that guest list is backed up by a solid repertoire that includes blues, boleros and even some great rock ballads, the result is fascinating. That is the …

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Feb 23 2007

Fátima Guedes: Outros Tons

Outros Tons

A Fresh Approach!   Many artists have recorded works composed by Antônio Carlos Jobim. With each new attempt, listeners often find that a new recording is simply re-arranging old familiar hits. The albums are often pleasing, but nothing new is generally added to Jobim’s vast repertoire. Well, until now… Produced by Marcus Fernando and with …

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Aug 23 2004

Fátima Guedes: Muito Intensa

Muito Intensa

Another Gem!   Brazilian music seems to have a very strong feminine presence, especially when it comes to performers. Ask any Brazilian about their favorite singers and song writers, and the answers will likely include more feminine than masculine voices. Elis Regina, Dalva de Oliveira, Maria Bethânia, Gal Costa, Vânia Bastos, Elba Ramalho, Zizi Possi, …

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Feb 26 2004

Various: Songbook João Bosco 3

Songbook João Bosco 3

Esmerado Trabalho   Terceiro volume do songbook de João Bosco que ganhei no Natal e só hoje estou terminando de ouvir. Chegou a um ponto que me pegou “na veia” e tenho que repartir. Ou buscar eco, alguém que tenha sentido da mesma forma que eu, desbragadamente. Talvez cause espanto ou incomode essa minha maneira …

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Aug 23 2003

Fátima Guedes: Biografia

Fátima Guedes

Waldemar Henrique discografia básica