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Sep 16 2005

Toninho Horta: Com o Pé no Forró

Minas Meets Forró   A joint project of Toninho Horta and Felipe Cordeiro, Com o Pé no Forró is Toninho Horta’s direct incursion into forró, a genre not very much associated with his homeland of Minas Gerais. Back in 1994, though, Toninho recorded Foot on the Road, which clearly had forró influences. As for Felipe …

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Jul 11 2004

Various: Casa do Forró

Casa do Forró

Let the Party Begin!   With a country as vast as Brazil, it is no wonder that some musical genres do not get as much air play as others. Take, for example, samba and bossa nova. Just about everyone in all corners of the world has experienced those infectious rhythms. Who has never heard the …

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Sep 23 2002

Elba Ramalho: Leão do Norte

Leão do Norte

A Superlative Album!   Brazilian northeastern music has been a well-kept secret for many years. Sometimes ostracized, neglected or called music for maids and taxi drivers (that was actually used as a subtitle for a CD a few years back), forró is now enjoying its well-deserved place in the vast Brazilian musical panorama. Besides world-renowned …

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