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Aug 28 2013

Cau Karam & À Deriva: De Senhores, Baronesas, Botos, Urubus, Cabritos e Ovelhas

De Senhores, Baronesas, Botos, etc.

A Delightful Collaboration   On De Senhores, Baronesas, Botos, Urubus, Cabritos e Ovelhas, the creativity of À Deriva continues to be the main feature. This time they opted for a collaboration with guitarist Cau Karam to expand their creative horizon. Guitarist, composer Cau Karam (1962, Pelotas; Rio Grande do Sul) started as autodidact on the …

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Apr 22 2013

À Deriva: Móbile


Beautiful Freedom   With their fourth album the guys from À Deriva once again show their originality and their drive for innovation. The band is together in the same line-up ever since their self-titled debut album in 2006. And that shows. It’s a fact that changing line-ups can add new perspectives, but in the case of À Deriva the chemistry between …

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Mar 29 2010

À Deriva: Suíte do Náufrago

Suíte do Náufrago

Suíte do Náufrago is the third album from the jazz influenced band À Deriva. The quartet surprised earlier with two impressive albums, simply titled À Deriva and À Deriva II. On their second release À Deriva took the freedom of musical expression for the four instrumentalists a bit further than on À Deriva. On the third CD the group continues to move on in their development.

Apr 29 2009

À Deriva: À Deriva II

À Deriva II

After the appearance of a more than satisfying debut album, it’s always a thrill to see how things evolve. This is one of those occasions. The follow up of the self-titled first album from À Deriva invites for a speculative curiosity. The music on their first cd sounded very personal and inspired and showed a high level of professionalism. Here is the sequence: À Deriva II.

Aug 30 2006

À Deriva

À Deriva

À Deriva is a São Paulo jazz quartet that showcases its original compositions with strong musicality and good doses of improvisation. The quartet is formed by Rui Barossi (bass), Daniel Müller (piano, accordion), Guilherme Marques (drums, percussion) and Beto Sporleder (saxophones and flutes). This group’s discography is available in Spotify. You can subscribe to that playlist …

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Aug 29 2006

À Deriva: À Deriva

À Deriva

It seems to be an ever lasting story. Like in the rest of the world, Jazz isn’t much talked about in Brazil either. This music style is very often qualified with the unrewarding subtitle “musician’s music”. This is, of course, nonsense. Nevertheless, it’s an extra difficulty its artists have to deal with. Also the small legion of jazz lovers often has to go through serious problems finding the heroes it treasures, since not seldom are the best releases the independent ones. À Deriva is no exception.