Jan 30 2014

Zizi Possi’s New Album Is Out

Tudo se TransformouSince January 17, 2014, Zizi Possi’s new album Tudo Se Transformou is available in various streaming services and everywhere else. Her previous CD dated back to 2005 (Pra Inglês Ver… e Ouvir) and a DVD in 2010 (Cantos & Contos). The album title comes from the Paulinho da Viola song, obviously included in the repertoire. Other noteworthy songs are  “Contrato de Separação” (Dominguinhos – Anastácia), “Disparada” (Geraldo Vandré) and “Explode Coração” (Gonzaguinha). Her band includes the familiar names of pianist Jether Garotti Jr., acoustic guitarist Rogério Delayon and percussionist Guello.