Jan 12 2008

Zéli Silva: Em Movimento

Solid Motion


Em MovimentoWhy make changes when a musician has the right ensemble? In his second solo effort, Zeli wisely maintains the winning combination that he presented in Voando Baixo, his debut solo of 2002. Still signing ten out of the fourteen tracks in this jazzy follow-up, Zeli is behind the album’s conception and musical direction once again. The Brazilian classics featured this time includes numbers by Jacob do Bandolim, Moacir Santos, Garoto and Flávio Venturini.

In addition to the fine selection of musicians from his first album — Edu Ribeiro (drums), Vitor Alcântara (saxes), Gil Reyes (piano, clarinet), Antonio Barker (piano) — Zeli knew what to add to make Em Movimento just as captivating as his first time around. Special guests here also included Guello (percussion) and vocals by Simone Guimarães, Tatiana Parra and Badi Assad. Replacing Renato Consorte, here we have Pedro Simão on acoustic guitar as well as 6 and 7-string guitars. Other guests shining throughout the album include Carlinhos Antunes (Venezuelan quatro), Renato Anesi (mandolin), Sizão Machado (bass), Léa Freire (flutes) and several others. As always, Zeli takes care of several types of bass (acoustic, fretless, electric, 5- and 6-string, etc.) and acoustic guitar.

ZeliThe vocal numbers are, as before, very contained and do not distract from the general instrumental nature of the album. Simone Guimarães contributes the lyrics to two songs. She signs in the first, “Nino, Alphaville e Beslan,” while Badi Assad shows her vocals in the second, “Em Busca,” as well as in the delicious “Doce de Coco.” Tatiana Parra is mesmerizing in her three vocal numbers: “Delírio Tropical,” “Nascente” — probably better known in Milton Nascimento’s soaring vocals — and “Samba da Montanha.” The choice of these vocalists is well thought out. They add a vocal side to these compositions while also blending very well with the instruments. The voices are truly another instrument in the whole well-balanced ensemble.

If you are crazy about Brazilian jazz, brace yourself to the solid instrumentals you will hear in the CD. Whether with the upbeat opener in “Alegria do Mato” or the melancholy introduction in “Varanda,” captivating rhythms are plentiful in Em Movimento. Solos such as Vitor’s tenor sax in “Varanda” are living proof of the dedication these musicians provide in the album. The bass duet in “Amphibious” puts Zeli on 6-string electric bass side by side with Sizão Machado’s acoustic bass providing the right support for Vitor Alcântara’s tenor sax solo. This trio is nothing shorter than hot. Even hotter is Zeli’s introduction in Garoto’s “Desvairada.” That arrangement also features Carlinhos Antunes on Venezuelan quatro and Renato Anesi on mandolin. The mixture of quatro and mandolin is an extra bonus in the track. In terms of arrangements, I think “Desvairada” is the best moment in the album.

Zeli kept things moving just nicely with his second album. The nice repertoire he chose gave emphasis to the entire ensemble and maintained a good balance of soft vocals and instrumentals. Whether with a samba, waltz or Brazilian jazz, Em Movimento is solid artistic sensitivity.

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Em Movimento 
Maritaca M1033 (2006)
Time: 69’13”


All tracks by Zeli, except where noted.

  1. Alegria de Mato
  2. Varanda
  3. Nino, Alphaville e Beslan (Zeli – Simone Guimarães) – w/ Simone Guimarães
  4. Doce de Coco (Jacob do Bandolim) – w/ Badi Assad
  5. Pela Estrada Afora
  6. Delírio Tropical (Zeli – Taciana Barros) – w/ Tatiana Parra
  7. Amphibious (Moacir Santos)
  8. Desvairada (Garoto)
  9. Nascente (Flávio Venturini – Murilo Antunes) – w/ Tatiana Parra
  10. Revirando
  11. Em Busca (Zeli – Simone Guimarães) – w/ Badi Assad
  12. Samba da Montanha – w/ Tatiana Parra
  13. Valsa dos Anjos
  14. Nervo