Aug 16 2007

Zeca Baleiro: Lado Z

A Decade of Participations


Lado Z

Ten years ago, in 1997 Zeca Baleiro was introduced to the Brazilian audience by Gal Costa on her successful album Acústico MTV. That same year Zeca released his first solo album Por Onde Andará Stephen Fry. The singer/composer from Maranhão (1966) decided to celebrate his 10-year career the same way as it started: as a guest artist.

Over the years Zeca Baleiro has been invited by numerous, some times less obvious artists to join them on a concert or recording date, while he has also been a welcome guest on various tribute albums. On this compilation, Lado Z, we find back some of those participations. The result is a very pleasant album with a diversity of styles. That’s maybe the nice thing about the album: we hear the singer in sometimes unexpected settings. It also makes this CD a perfect addition for the record collection of his fans. What to think for instance of the lovely samba “Tristeza Pé no Chão” from the tribute album Um Ser de Luz – Saudação a Clara Nunes? The samba from 1972 was one of the trademark songs of the legendary samba interpreter Clara Nunes (1942-1983). This rendition shines happily by the sounds of the cavaquinho (Paulinho Soares) and 7-string acoustic guitar (Carlinhos 7 Cordas), samba percussion and ditto choir. On the following “Uma Delicada Forma de Calor,” Zeca joins forces with Lobão, delivering an unpretentious pop song. Pure fun is the samba “Na Subida do Morro” (arranged by Moacyr Luz and Jayme Vignoli), which Zeca sings with samba star Jards Macalé. There’s also a song from the DVD Zeca taped with star singer Raimundo Fagner (“Não Tenho Tempo”). Then there’s a song that didn’t make it to Zeca’s own album Pet Shop Mundo Cão, “Menina Jesus,” that sometimes drowns in a rather bombastic arrangement. Zeca always had a special place in his heart for Forró. He sings the funny “De Teresina a São Luis” with Tião Carvalho and his own infectious “Forró no Malagueta” live with Duani. Among other highlights special mention is deserved for a live recorded duet with the legendary Rolando Boldrin (1936), accompanied by Edmilson Capellupi on a 7-string guitar. This song clearly illustrates the fun Zeca always finds in singing with others. It’s not coincidental that his cooperation is asked on so many occasions.  On the pop song “Radiografia” from De Papel and with Vanessa Bumagny the relaxed atmosphere continues.Zeca Baleiro

Leave it to the creative mind of Zeca Baleiro to come up with such an original way to celebrate the first jubilee in his career. It also shows that Zeca Baleiro has been very active in a diversity of musical fronts. That makes promises for the next ten years…



Zeca Baleiro
Lado Z 
MZA Music 020.002 (2007)
Time: 59’54”



  1. Eu, Você e a Praça (Odair José) from the album Vou Tirar Você Desse Lugar Tribute to Odair José (2005)
  2. Tristeza Pé no Chão (Armando “Mamão” Fernandes) from the album Um Ser de Luz – Saudação a Clara Nunes (2003)
  3. Uma Delicada Forma de Calor (Lobão) from the album A Vida É Doce from Lobão (1999)
  4. Na Subida do Morro (Moreira da Silva – Ribeiro Cunha) from the album Jards Macalé Canta Moreira da Silva  from Jards Macalé (2001)
  5. Das Dores de Oratório (João Bosco) from the album Songbook João Bosco I (2003)
  6. Salve a Mulatada Brasileira (Martinho da Vila) recorded live for the album Lusofonia by Martinho da Vila (2000)
  7. Não Tenho Tempo (Zeca Baleiro) from the DVD Raimundo Fagner e Zeca Baleiro (2004)
  8. Menina Jesus (Tom Zé) unreleased track from the album Pet Shop Mundo Cão from Zeca Baleiro (2002)
  9. De Teresina a São Luís (João do Vale – Helena Gonzaga) from the CD Tião Carvalho Canta João do Vale from Tião Carvalho (2006)
  10. Meu Coração Está de Luto (Waldik Soriano) from the DVD Baladas do Asfalto e Outros Blues ao Vivo from Zeca Baleiro (2006)
  11. Roda Morta (Sérgio Sampaio – Sérgio Natureza) from the album Um Pouco de Mim from Sérgio Natureza (2004)
  12. Onde Anda Iolanda (Rolando Boldrin) from the album Sr. Brasil – Rolando Boldrin e Convidados ao Vivo by Rolando Boldrin (2005)
  13. Radiografia (Vanessa Bumagny) from the album De Papel from Vanessa Bumagny (2003)
  14. Forró no Malagueta (Zeca Baleiro) recorded live with Forróçacana for the album O Melhor Forró do Mundo ao Vivo (2005)
  15. Coro das Velhas (Sérgio Godinho) from the album O Irmão do Meio from Sérgio Godinho (2003)