Jun 16 2007

Zé Ramalho: Parceria dos Viajantes

Honest Musicianship


Parceria dos ViajantesWhen a new album from Zé Ramalho comes out, one kind of knows what to expect. His characteristic voice and music has become a very recognizable trademark. On this new cd it’s remarkable to hear how easy other vocalists with completely different backgrounds fit into Zé Ramalho’s unique style. Parceria dos Viajantes features some surprising guests, both musicians and composers. Among the co-writers of the songs we find Chico César, Zeca Baleiro, Cidade Negra and Dominguinhos.  Among the guest musicians we first hear Priscilla Leoni Mello, the pop/rock star better known as Pitty. It’s funny how she adjusts her voice to the disarming vocal qualities of Zé Ramalho. Zélia Duncan stays herself on the ballad “Porta de Luz.” It’s a beautiful song, only accompanied by Robertinho de Recife on sitar and Portuguese guitar and master percussionist Marcos Suzano. The most remarkable guest appearance is by Daniela Mercury. She sounds absolutely wonderful on “Procurando a Estrela.” She joins in with low and modest voice, not disturbing the atmosphere Zé always creates in his music. It shows Daniela still has the potential to deliver fantastic vocals. Party band Banda Calypso is featured on “Pássaros Noturnos.”  As soon as singer Joelma and the band join in, the song gets an unmistakable Caribbean touch. Another surprising guest is Paralamas do Sucesso’s drummer João Barone. He tastefully plays on five tracks of this entertaining 21st album of Zé Ramalho’s. It sure won’t be his last; the born artist easily motivates himself thanks to the possibility to do the things he wants. A luxury achieved by the honest musicianship he showed during the many years of his career.



Zé Ramalho 
Parceria dos Viajantes 
Sony/BMG Brasil 88697061342 (2007)
Total time: 45’55”


  1. O Rei do Rock (Zé Ramalho – Zeca Baleiro)
  2. A Nave Interior (Zé Ramalho – Chico César) w/ Pitty
  3. Montanhas Sensuais (Zé Ramalho – Jorge Mautner)
  4. O Norte do Norte (Zé Ramalho – Zé Nêumanne) w/ Sandra de Sá
  5. Do Muito e do Pouco (Zé Ramalho – Oswaldo Montenegro)
  6. Procurando a Estrela (Zé Ramalho – Toti) w/ Daniela Mercury
  7. Farol dos Mundos (Zé Ramalho – Robertinho de Recife)
  8. Pássaros Noturnos (Zé Ramalho – Fausto Nilo) w/ Banda Calypso
  9. Chamando o Silêncio (Zé Ramalho – Toni Garrido – Da Gama – Lazão – Bino Farias)
  10. Porta de Luz (Zé Ramalho – Dominquinhos) w/ Zélia Duncan
  11. As Aparências Enganam  (Zé Ramalho – Chico Guedes)