Feb 16 2003

Zé Ramalho: O Gosto da Criação

Back on a Creative Level


O Gosto da CriaçãoAfter his most recent and somewhat disappointing cd, singing Raul Seixas songs, Zé Ramalho seems to be back on a more creative level, as he suggests in the title. His friendly musical approach guarantees the listener almost an hour of entertaining northeastern pop music. This time Z é is responsible for all compositions, both music and lyrics.

The opening “O Gosto da Criação” is a pleasant surprise and no doubt among the better songs of this album. Guitar miracle Yamandú Costa makes an impressive guest appearance. As does percussionist Firmino, they sound great together. A lovely song, superbly performed. “A Única Coisa Que Eu Quero” is a typical Zé Ramalho song, quietly babbling on an lazy but steady rhythm. Robertinho de Recife understands what Zé’s looking for on the guitar and sitar. Also very relaxed sounds “Aprendendo a Vencer,” with the steel guitar played by Rick Ferreira. Music the way we can expect from this 53 year old musician from Paraíba.

Dominguinhos is featured on the lovely “Tudo Que Fiz Foi Viver” and another remarkable composition “É Praticando Na Vida…,” on which Zé fully discloses his northeastern roots. Like his namesake Elba Ramalho, Zé also likes to play with arabic influences. He does that accurately on “Modificando o Olhar,” with Glauco Cruz on the violin. “O Apocalipse de Zé Limeira” is an up tempo gem, dedicated to the surrealistic thoughts of the poet Limeira. Unfortunately the album also has its weaker moments, where Zé Ramalho seems to have dozed off during composing. Like the major cliché called “O Silêncio dos Inocentes” or an uninspired “Coisas Boas e Mais.” But there’s enough left to make this a good album. Zé Ramalho proves he still has a nice story to tell, musically.



Zé Ramalho
O Gosto da Criação
Ariola BMG 74321926822 (2002)
Time: 52’13”


All compositions by Zé Ramalho.

  1. O Gosto da Criação
  2. A Única Coisa Que Eu Quero
  3. Aprendendo a Vencer
  4. Tudo Que Fiz Foi Viver
  5. O Silêncio dos Inocentes
  6. O Que Vale Para Sempre
  7. Coisas Boas e Mais
  8. Fissura
  9. Luz da Excelência
  10. Modificando o Olhar
  11. É Praticando Na Vida Que Muito Vai Aprender
  12. O Apocalipse de Zé Limeira