Feb 16 2007

Vittor Santos: Renewed Impressions

An Excellent Release


Renewed ImpressionsWith so many albums being released, it is unfortunate that some good CDs stay under the radar and are sometimes overlooked. Case in point, Vittor Santos’s Renewed Impressions. One could say the album almost went unnoticed in Brazil. Now, thanks to Adventure Music, we can enjoy this marvelous work from accomplished trombonist Vittor Santos. The repertoire selection is classic and covers Moacir Santos, Joyce, Mario Adnet, Ian Guest, Fernando Clark, Idriss Boudrioua and an original by Santos himself.

The opener Moacir Santos and Ney Lopes samba “Luanne” is exquisitely beautiful and shows you how Santos’s trombone captivates the listener throughout Renewed Impressions. On piano, Cristina Bhering shares a delicate solo with Fernando Clark’s electric guitar, while Rodrigo Vila’s bass and Márcio Bahia’s drums keep the steady samba beat in the forefront. These musicians are often joined by special guests such as Hamilton de Holanda (10-string mandolin) and Philippe Baden Powell (piano). Other great collaborators are Cássio Cunha (drums) and Vitor Gonçalves (piano) . Adnet’s “An American in the Samba” is another gorgeous soft piece, as is Joyce’s jazzy “London Samba.” In the closing number, “The Moving Water,” Santos shows even more hidden talents. In addition to writing the tune, he plays both trombone and piano. Of course, Holanda’s mandolin solo in the track is unforgettable.Vittor Santos

You do not need to be a trombone lover to enjoy Renewed Impressions. In fact, the album shines in every aspect. It is pleasing from beginning to end. Vittor Santos’s arrangements and performances are well done and well balanced, allowing each musician a chance to glow in this excellent album.

You can read more about this release and listen to sample tracks here and in Adventure Music.



Vittor Santos 
Renewed Impressions (Renovando as Considerações) 
Adventure Music AM1031 2 (2006)
Total time: 43’36”


  1. Luanne (Moacir Santos – Ney Lopes)
  2. An American in the Samba (Mário Adnet)
  3. Everlasting Warmth of Fellowship (Ian Guest)
  4. London Samba (Joyce)
  5. I Just Remembered Everything! (Fernando Clark)
  6. A Trombone on Tereza Street (Ian Guest)
  7. Etienne and Margot (Idriss Boudrioua)
  8. The Moving Water (Vittor Santos)