Jul 16 2009

Vander Lee: Faro

On Track



Vander Lee stays right on track with his new album. The singer/ songwriter from Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais, 1966) has been polishing his own style a bit further. The music sounds even friendlier than before thanks to seemingly more controlled vocals; without the sharp edges that sometimes appeared on Vander Lee’s earlier works. Also the instrumental arrangements are more appealing. The mixture between these two elements (voice and instruments) is very well balanced. The instruments seem to embrace Vander Lee’ voice, making him sound warmer. The presence of keyboardist Sacha Amback may well have something to do with this. He has an exceptional sense for choosing keyboard instruments, sounds, to underline a certain sentiment in music. With the security of a minimalist he sets the right mood for a song.His piano on “Farol” for instance, gives the voice of Vander Lee the opportunity to show its mellowest side. Also the participation of a few guests makes a difference; although an over critical listener may detect more cross-over pop orientated music because of their presence. It’s true, “Ninguém Vai Tirar Você de Mim” is funkier than what we’re used from by Vander Lee, especially when invited singer Renegado, also from Belo Horizonte (MG), adds a little rap. This song was a big hit from Roberto Carlos on his album O Inimitável from 1968. Another guest is Lokua LKanza, who mixes his African roots on “Do Bão” (LKanza (1958) is from the Democratic Republic of the Congo). On this track the producer of the album, Marcelo Sussekind, can be heard on the bass.

One of the best moments on the CD comes when singer Regina Souza joins in for a duet on “O Baile dos Anjos.” She, too, is from Belo Horizonte and gives the song a lovely twist with her wonderful and catchy voice. “Nunca Não” certainly is among the most pleasant moments on the disc. The muted trumpet of Jessé Sadoc is what does the trick here.Vander Lee

The featured instrumentalists throughout the album are Vinícius Rosa (electric and acoustic guitars), Sacha Amback (keyboards), Bruno Migliari (bass) and drummer/ percussionist Leonardo Reis.

With Faro Vander Lee delivers an attractive album that perfectly fits in his discography. He’s an artist who doesn’t disappoint; each time you get a little more than what you expected.

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Vander Lee
Deckdisc 33038-2 (2009)
Time: 42’27”


All tracks by Vander Lee, except where noted.

  1. Eu e Ela
  2. Do Bão (Leo Minax – Vander Lee)
  3. Farol
  4. Fui
  5. Ponto de Luz
  6. Ninguém Vai Tirar Você de Mim (Edson Ribeiro – Hélio Justo)
  7. Obscuridade (poem by Cartola – music by Vander Lee)
  8. O Baile dos Anjos
  9. Nunca Não
  10. Nega Nagô (Vander Lee – Murilo Antunes)
  11. Cacos
  12. Desejo de Flor