Nov 12 2004

Trio da Paz: Brasil from the Inside


Piece by “Peace”: The Journey Begins


Brasil From The Inside

Produced by Allen Farnham, Brasil From The Inside is a debut unlike many others. The album clearly reflects the expertise of these three musicians both individually and in ensemble formation.

Trio da Paz arranged all tracks except for “Pedra Bonita” (co-arranged with Mário Adnet), “This Is for Luísa” (co-arranged with Cláudio Roditi) and “Forgive Me (co-arranged with Toninho Horta). Special guests added an extra touch to this album, but in all honesty, any listener can hear that the Trio is a major force in its own. Of course, it is a nice addition to hear Cláudio Roditi’s trumpet and flugelhorn, JoAnne Brackeen’s piano, Herbie Mann’s flutes and, of course, Fonseca’s wife, Maucha Adnet on vocals. Her voice adds an extra depth to the sound created by Trio da Paz.

From the opening chords of Lubambo’s acoustic guitar in “Pedra Bonita,” the listener is transported to what has become the unequalled sound of Trio da Paz. The interplay in Mandel’s words above is evidenced in each and every track. It is clear how much fun the Trio has performing the excellent repertoire here. Picking up speed in “Keep the Spirits Singing” and “Aquarela do Brasil” is only the beginning of better things to come. Yes, it gets even better. Nascimento’s anthemic “Vera Cruz” is dazzling. And when Mann’s soft flute begins to play in “This Is for Luísa,” the pace changes and allows listeners to drift into dreamy landscapes. Whether with the waltz arrangement for Bororó’s classic “Cor do Pecado” or the jazz-filled “Manhattan Style” and the second arrangement for Nascimento’s “Vera Cruz” — this time as Bossa Nova — Trio da Paz is effusive.

Howard Mandel wrote an excellent text for the liner notes of this debut. Here is an excerpt of his introduction.

United, Romero, Nilson and Duduka effect a perfect blend of melodic lyricism, harmonic adventurousness and rhythmic flexibility. Their virtuosic interplay is so selfless that the tasteful additions here of Roditi’s burnished brass, Mann’s piquant flutes and Brackeen’s fleet keyboard work truly enhance and expand upon the Trio’s intentions, rather than restricting any one’s freedom or muting their originality.

Maucha Adnet



Trio da Paz
Brasil From The Inside 
Concord Picante CCD-4524 (1992)
Time: 60’22”


  1. Pedra Bonita (Mário Adnet)
  2. Keep the Spirits Singing (O’Donel Levy)
  3. Aquarela do Brasil (Ary Barroso)
  4. Vera Cruz (Mílton Nascimento)
  5. This Is for Luísa (Nilson Matta)
  6. Jeca’s Baião (Romero Lubambo)
  7. Forgive Me (Duduka da Fonseca – Astrud Gilberto)
  8. Trio da Paz (Romero Lubambo)
  9. Cor do Pecado (Bororó)
  10. Manhattan Style (Duduka da Fonseca)
  11. Vera Cruz (Reprise) (Mílton Nascimento)
  12. Festa de São João (Alfredo Cardim)