May 16 2006

Tony Mola: Samba+Samba

Pleasant Surprises


Samba+SambaAs a follow-up to his 1998 Quebra Mola, Tony Mola did not rest on his proven ability as a percussionist. What a smart move that was, especially since the sambas he performs in Samba+Samba take him to a new level as a performer and singer. Furthermore, it will likely introduce him to a different audience who wants more than your typical Bahian axé, that heavy percussion genre from northeast Brazil. You still get plenty of pulsating percussion in this release, but what will likely remain in your head after you hear the album is the fine selection of soft sambas. Some of the sambas here still carry a heavy influence of axé, e.g., “Conversa de Botequim” and “Xalakere,” but the swinging “Beregede” is the first sign of changing gears. Then we come to “Liberdade Ilê Aiyê,” a calming samba singing the praises of Brazilian multi-ethnic culture. Tony Mola’s fine percussion in this track is rooted in deep African traditions. The song is entrancing and captivating. In “Os Chorões” and “Deixa de Agonia” don’t be surprised if you think you have an entirely different ensemble performing that tune. Tony Mola is sparse in his percussion, sometimes only playing a pandeiro. In addition to the pandeiro, the ensemble is comprised of acoustic guitars, mandolin, flute and bass. Excellent choro and samba sound. Even more intimate is the track, “Glamour,” with only acoustic guitars and soft percussion. The difference between this track and the opener is worlds apart. This diversity of rhythms and arrangements is one of the most charming things about Samba+Samba. This middle section of the album is full of pleasant surprises. Whatever direction Tony Mola decides to follow, I hope he can continue to explore new horizons as he did with this release.

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Tony Mola
Blue Jackel 54731-2 (2006)
Total time: 49’02”


  1. Conversa de Botequim (Gilson Babilonia – Alain Tavares)
  2. Xalakere (Jauperi)
  3. Beregede (Paulo Souza – Tony Mola)
  4. Te Amare (Davi Vieira)
  5. Liberdade Ilê Aiyê (Tony Mola – Gilson Babilonia)
  6. Os Chorões (Carlinhos Marques – Lapa)
  7. Glamour (Maurício Peixoto – Mauro Ribeiro)
  8. Deixa de Agonia (Paulo Medrado – Cássia Souza)
  9. Canto de Caboclada (Gerônimo)
  10. Toma uma Beijoca (Tarsis Novaes)
  11. Porto de Cachoeira (Charles Negrita)
  12. Na Colina do Bonfim (Esquerdinha)
  13. Acenda a Brasa (Bel Machado – Chico Evangelista)