Jun 15 2014

Tavynho Bonfá featuring Mark Isbell: Toca Luiz Bonfá

A Warm Dedication

Bonfá Toca BonfáTavynho Bonfá is a name that immediately makes an association with Luiz Bonfá. “Bonfá” is a name that is cherished by most of the Brazilian music fans. So Tavynho Bonfá already has some credit as soon as he shows up. And after hearing his music, one can only be happy that the name association draws attention to this fantastic guitarist, singer, composer. Luiz Octavio “Tavynho” Bonfá Burnier was born in 1952 in Rio de Janeiro. And yes, his uncle is the legendary Luiz Bonfá (1922-2001), one of the composers of the music for the legendary film Orfeu Negro.
Tavynho learned to play the guitar at age seven and soon had success with his clear and emotional guitar style. In his music, Tavynho gratefully pays tribute to Luiz Bonfá in an upmost respectful way.

For Toca Luiz Bonfá, Tavynho Bonfá included some of his uncle’s great compositions along with own work.
The album opens with a song of praise for Luiz Bonfá, “Rei do Violão” (King of the acoustic guitar ; perfectly composed in the inimitable style of the master). We hear the quality of the guitarist, and it’s also clear that his vocals are nothing short from perfect. The song introduces the featured musician on the album : saxophonist Mark Isbell. We already know Mark Isbell (1960, Santa Ana, California) from his wonderful album Samba Copacabana. He colors this opening tune in his own playful way. Mark Isbell has a warm feeling of love for Brazilian music. Like a chameleon he’s able to be part of the music. Also in this very traditional Luiz Bonfá tradition he feels completely at ease. Tavynho BonfáThroughout the album he draws attention with his direct approach and most of all with his beautiful sound on both the alto and the soprano sax. It matches with the masterful sound of Tavynho’s acoustic guitar and vocals. The duo seems to have a special chemistry going on. It all sounds solid and experienced. It was a good idea of bossa star Durval Ferreira to bring the two together ! On keyboards is Paulo Midosi, on percussion Wilson Chaplim and on bass are Haroldo Cazes and Jamil Joanes. Clarisse Grova is guest vocalist and a very special guest appearance is by Antonio Adolfo on violin (on “Longe de Você”). There are some of Bonfá’s greatest successes such as an outstanding rendition of “Samba de Orfeu” and a jazzy sounding “Manhã de Carnaval,” which has a breathtaking guitar/ sax opening.
Luiz Bonfá loved it how Tavynho followed his tradition. Two inspiring compositions of both Bonfá’s are included on the album. There’s also a composition of Tavynho’s earlier years, the late 1960ies when he formed a duo with Claudio Cartier (Burnier & Cartier). Music can’t sound more Brazilian than with “Só Tem Lugar Pra Você.”

This album breathes and ventilates Brazil in a beautiful and authentic way. Especially in these World Cup Football days, when the most awful Brazilian music compilations hit the market, it’s worth to check out this album made with love and affection.



Tavynho Bonfá featuring Mark Isbell
Bonfá Toca Bonfá
Independent Tavynho Bonfá (2014)
Time : 53’46’’


  1. Rei do Violão (Tavynho Bonfá)
  2. Samba de Orfeu (Luiz Bonfá)
  3. Coffee Beans (Luiz Bonfá)
  4. Manhã de Carnaval (Luiz Bonfá – Antônio Maria)
  5. Canto Do Mar (Luiz Bonfá – Tavynho Bonfá)
  6. Escolher e Vestir (Tavynho Bonfá – Vitor Tescaro)
  7. Amor em Brasília (Luiz Bonfá)
  8. Menina Flor (Luiz Bonfá – Maria Helena Toledo)
  9. Pequenina Nicole (Tavynho Bonfá)
  10. Cerca (Luiz Bonfá – Tavynho Bonfá)
  11. Só Tem Lugar Pra Você (Tavynho Bonfá – Claudio Cartier)
  12. Longe de Você (Tavynho Bonfá)
  13. Tocando Violão e Esperando Você (Tavynho Bonfá)
  14. Batuque no Céu (Tavynho Bonfá – Tiberio Gaspar)