Nov 12 2003

Simone: Simone (1973)

Outside of Brazil First

Simone (1973)A Milton Miranda production under Maestro Gaya’s direction, this first Simone recording was released outside of Brazil initially. Simone demonstrated a promising career based on the quality of the material she recorded. This first album included songs by Joyce, Lô Borges and Ivan Lins, a feature that would continue in her subsequent albums for a while. The Brazilian classic “Bandeira Branca” receives a beautiful rendition. It is interesting to see here that we already have one song previously recorded by Roberto Carlos, “Maior que o Meu Amor.” Simone has always admired Roberto Carlos, and in her future albums we will find her singing some of his music again. There is also another connection to be mentioned: her affinity with the Clube da Esquina composers as in the case of “Tudo que Você Podia Ser” in this album.

The 1983 album reissue had a different cover.








EMI-Odeon Brasil 378365 2 (1973)
Time: 32’52”


  1. Morena (Dalto)
  2. Caminho do Sol (Dalto – Mário Jorge)
  3. Quero (Vera Brasil – Elô)
  4. Maior que o Meu Amor (Renato Barros)
  5. Tudo que Você Podia Ser (Lô Borges – Márcio Borges)
  6. Bandeira Branca (Max Nunes – Laércio Alves)
  7. Assim não Dá (Ana Maria)
  8. Encontro Marcado (Joyce)
  9. Momento do Amor (Taiguara)
  10. Charada (Dalto)
  11. Chegou a Hora (Ivan Lins – Ronaldo Monteiro de Souza)
  12. Chega (Paulo Diniz – Odibar)