Dec 12 2001

Simone: Seda Pura

Pop and New


Seda Pura (2001)

A pop album and full of brand new songs, Seda Pura was supposed to take Simone into new directions. One can’t blame her for trying. I confess that when I first listened to the album, I was not very impressed. Though the collective arrangements by all musicians and Guto Graça Mello are fine, there is something in the album that just doesn’t take off. Good musicians, such as Jacques Morelenbaum, Frejat and Marco Suzano do an excellent job. Maybe it’s the unappealing title track. “Cofre de Seda,” on the other hand, has a great beat and is one of the best tunes. “Caso Encerrado” — we’re already half way through the album — is a great samba, as is the delicious forró “Fuga Nº 1,” featuring Chiquinho’s sanfona. Great beat. In closing this very short album — barely 30 minutes of music — Simone performs “Falando Sério,” from Roberto Carlos’s repertoire. The accompaniment is only Marco Pereira on acoustic guitar and Jacques Morelenbaum on cello. Heavenly touch.






Seda Pura
Mercury 73145864412 (2001)
Time: 33’55”


  1. Seda Pura (Cazuza – Frejat) – w/ Frejat
  2. Cofre de Seda (Samuel Rosa – Rodrigo Leão)
  3. Garoa (Carlinhos Brown)
  4. Caso Encerrado (Paulinho da Viola – Toquinho)
  5. WWW.Sem (Zé de Riba – Romildo Soares)
  6. Fuga Nº 1 (Zé de Riba)
  7. Muito Estranho (Cuida Bem de Mim) (Dalto – Cláudio Rabello)
  8. Antes de Acordar (Frejat – Dulce Quental) – w/ Frejat
  9. Hawaii e You (Carlinhos Brown)
  10. Falando Sério (Maurício Duboc – Carlos Colla)