Jun 12 2003

Simone: Pedaços




Pedaços (1979)If some people thought that Face A Face had not yet made Simone a big star in Brazilian popular music, Pedaços came to disband any doubts about her name. A highly anticipated release because of the tremendous hit “Começar de Novo,” this album was a landmark in Simone’s career. “Começar de Novo” was used as the main theme of very successful Brazilian television series. Arranged by Gilson Peranzzetta and Nelson Ayres, Pedaços contained a string of hits for Simone. The main theme of Miguel Farias movie República dos Assassinos, “Sob Medida,” joined the list of Simone’s standards. Also here we find “Saindo de Mim,” “Pedaço de Mim” and the very popular hit samba “Tô Voltando,” which was used by many as a theme to those returning to Brazil after political asylum. Clearly a fan of Roberto Carlos, Simone couldn’t resist doing a successful cover of “Outra Vez.” Once again, she had a hit in her hands.







EMI-Odeon Brasil 364 748562 2 (1979)
Time: 39’44”


  1. Começar de Novo (Ivan Lins – Vítor Martins)
  2. Sob Medida (Chico Buarque)
  3. Povo da Raça Brasil (Mílton Nascimento – Fernando Brant)
  4. Condenados (Fátima Guedes)
  5. Cordilheira (Sueli Costa – Paulo César Pinheiro)
  6. Outra Vez (Isolda)
  7. Vento Nordeste (Sueli Costa – Abel Silva)
  8. Saindo de Mim (Dois Gumes) (Ivan Lins – Vítor Martins)
  9. Tô Voltando (Maurício Tapajós – Paulo César Pinheiro)
  10. Itamarandiba (Mílton Nascimento – Fernando Brant)
  11. Pedaço de Mim (Chico Buarque)