Jun 12 2003

Simone: Loca

Fifth Spanish-Language Album



Loca (1998)
Simone’s highly anticipated fifth release in Spanish was disappointing. Production was full of ups and downs, and the final result was weak. The Spanish version of Willie Nelson’s “Crazy,” which gives the release its title, receives a classy arrangement in the style of the old, traditional big bands. Nevertheless, the selection of commercial songs for the other tracks in Loca compromises the artistic quality of the CD. The album concept was a tribute to Julio Iglesias music. João Lira’s acoustic guitar, on the other hand, is fantastic in every track and saves those numbers along with the good arrangements by Júlio Teixeira, Gordon Goodwin, Graham Preskett, Carlos Infante, Willy Chirino and Robbie Buchanan. Whenever the arrangements fall within the traditional bolero style, Loca is simply paradisiacal. The best tracks are undoudbtedly “Hey, Abrázame” (in a maginificent duet with Rafael Basurito, of Trio Los Panchos) and “Por Ella” (another duet, this time with Willy Chirino). As for the rest, well, it’s the rest.





Rodven PolyGram 559 060 – 2 (1998)
Time: 46’58”


  1. Loca (Willie Nelson – Vs. R. Livi)
  2. Hey (J. Iglesias – G. Belfiore – M. Balducci – R. Arcusa)
  3. Júrame (M. Grever)
  4. Abrázame (J. Iglesias – R. Ferro) – w/ Rafael Basurto (Trio Los Panchos)
  5. Grande, Grande, Grande (A. Testa – T. Renis – J. Iglesias – Vs. C. Friedman)
  6. La Nave del Olvido (D. Ramos)
  7. Lo Mejor de Tu Vida (M. Alejandro – M. Beigbeder)
  8. Por Ella (J. Iglesias – R. Arcusa – M. de la Calva) – w/ Willy Chirino
  9. Amor (R. Lopéz – Mendez – G. Ruiz)
  10. Mi Amor (S. Wonder – Vs. R. Levi)
  11. Y Aunque Te Haga Calor (J.M. Cano)