Dec 12 2010

Simone: Em Boa Companhia


Something Old, Something New


Em Boa CompanhiaSince recording her first album back in 1972, Simone’s career has spanned nearly four decades. Even with a few hiccups along the way — who wouldn’t in 40 years? — she has been able to maintain a steady following of faithful fans buying her 40-plus CDs and DVDs. More importantly, she continues to strive to stay current and appealing. For example, she has dedicated albums entirely to the music of Martinho da Vila (Café com Leite, 1996) and Ivan Lins (Baiana da Gema, 2004), also recorded a more pop/rock oriented CD, Seda Pura, in 2001, and in 2008 released a duet album with Zélia Duncan, Amigo É Casa – Ao Vivo.

Now, building on her 2009 album Na Veia repertoire, Simone releases a live recording entitled Em Boa Companhia, available as a DVD and a double CD set. The concert was recorded in Olinda, Pernambuco, in the Teatro Guararapes.

Em Boa Companhia is very pleasing album. What I like most about the album is the “new” music that Simone brings into her repertoire. Continuing her recent interest in Marina’s music, Simone recorded here “Fullgás,” a old hit of Marina Lima and Antonio Cícero’s. There’s also Rita Lee, Roberto de Carvalho and Nelson Motta’s fun “Perigosa.” However, the nicest of the “new” old songs is Jorge Benjor’s “Ive Brussel.” It is like Jorge had penned that song with Simone in mind. It is very fitting to her repertoire. From her old classics, it is worth noting Simone’s re-recordings of “Ai, Ai, Ai” (from her 1991 Raio de Luz album), “Face a Face” (from her 1977 Face a Face album), and “Chuva, Suor e Cerveja” (this one dating far back to her 1974 Quatro Paredes).Simone

If you have not had a chance to see Simone performing live, I suggest getting the DVD. Her stage presence and interplay with the audience is captivating. The band backing her up is comprised of Julinho Teixeira (direction, keyboards), Walter Villaça (guitars), Fernando Souza (bass), Carlos Bala (drums) and Sidinho Moreira (percussion). What is odd about this formation is that there was clearly either some studio overdubs or even pre-recorded tracks played during the concert. At one point the cameras show Walter Villaça on acoustic guitar while in the background we clearly hear an electric guitar solo — no other guitarist seen on stage. Even more noticeable is the brass accompaniment in “Geraldinos e Arquibaldos.” On stage we only see Simone and her five band members! Someone probably forgot to list those credits in the DVD liner notes. Nevertheless, Em Boa Companhia delivers a good show from an artist who knows how to entertain her audience.



Em Boa Companhia
Biscoito Fino DVD BF 106 (2010)
Time: 87’15”


  1. Tô Que Tô (Kleiton Ramil – Kledir Ramil)
  2. Love (Paulo Padilha)
  3. Certa Noites (Dé Palmeira – Adriana Calcanhotto)
  4. Face a Face (Sueli Costa – Cacaso)
  5. Lá Vem a Baiana (Dorival Caymmi)
  6. Bem Pra Você (Marina Lima – Dé Palmeira)
  7. Fullgás (Marina Lima – Antonio Cícero)
  8. Hóstia (Marcos Valle – Erasmo Carlos)
  9. Ive Brussel (Jorge Benjor)
  10. Definição da Moça (Adriana Calcanhotto – Ferreira Gullar)
  11. Geraldinos e Arquibaldos (Gonzaga Jr.)
  12. Certa Coisas (Lulu Santos – Nelson Motta)
  13. Ame (Paulinho da Viola – Elton Medeiros)
  14. Vale a Pena Tentar (Simone – Hermínio Bello de Carvalho)
  15. Deixa Eu Te Amar (Agepê – Ismael Camilo – Mauro Silva)
  16. Paixão (Kledir Ramil)
  17. Migalhas (Erasmo Carlos)
  18. Pagando Pra Ver (Nonato Luiz – Abel Silva)
  19. Perigosa (Rita Lee – Roberto de Carvalho – Nelson Motta)
  20. Ai, Ai, Ai (Ivan Lins – Vitor Martins)
  21. Na Minha Veia (Zé Catimba – Martinho da Vila)
  22. Chuva, Suor e Cerveja (Caetano Veloso)
  23. Nada Por Mim (Paula Toller – Herbert Vianna)
  24. Ex Amor (Martinho da Vila)