Feb 28 2014

Simone: É Melhor Ser

A Female Songwriters’ Celebration!

É Melhor SerWhen it was time for Simone to celebrate her career’s 40th anniversary, she had no hesitation to celebrate Brazilian female songwriters. What a wise choice the Cigarra made in picking those songwriters for her 41st solo album, É Melhor Ser.

Released in November 2013, produced by Bia Paes Leme and Leandro Braga (he also did the arrangements and musical direction while playing all keyboards), the album presents 13 compositions — some brand new — by names such as Adriana Calcanhotto, Joanna, Rita Lee, Joyce Moreno, Zélia Duncan, Sueli Costa, Fátima Guedes and other female exponents of our music. Although there are a couple of male co-songwriters, É Melhor Ser  is indeed a feminine celebratory release, and it is a good one for Simone’s vast discography. Besides Leandro Braga on piano, Simone’s band features Bruno Migliari on bass, Christiano Galvão on drums, André Siqueira on percussion and João Gaspar on guitars.

Ouf of the 13 tracks, you will find Fátima Guedes’ fun baião “Haicai” and SImone & Zélia Duncan’s gorgeous bolero “Só Se For” among the new recordings. Even though there is a good balance of sambas, pop, rock and other genres, it is clear that É Melhor Ser ends up being a very intimate album thanks to stunning recordings of “Descaminhos,” “Só Se For,” “Vida de Artista” and “Só Nos Resta Viver.” Regardless of whether you hear the fiery guitar solo João Gaspar adds in “Mulher o Suficiente” or the passionate whispers in “Só Se For,” the album sizzles with a very nice repertoire resting on the superb arrangements created by Leandro Braga and performed by a solid band.



É Melhor Ser
Biscoito Fino BF269-2 (2013)
Time: 40’16”


  1. A Propósito (Simone – Fernanda Montenegro)
  2. Mulher o Suficiente (Alzira Espíndola – Vera Lúcia Motta)
  3. Aquele Plano Para Me Esquecer (Adriana Calcanhotto)
  4. Descaminhos (Joanna – Sarah Benchimol)
  5. Trégua Suspensa (Teresa Cristina – Lula Queiroga)
  6. Só Se For (Simone – Zélia Duncan)
  7. Haicai (Fátima Guedes)
  8. Vida de Artista (Sueli Costa – Abel Silva)
  9. Mutante (Rita Lee – Roberto de Carvalho)
  10. Só Nos Resta Viver (Angela Rô Rô)
  11. Acreditar (Dona Ivone Lara – Délcio Carvalho)
  12. Charme do Mundo (Marina Lima – Antonio Cícero)
  13. Os Medos (Joyce – Rodolfo Stroeter)
  14. Vignette: A Propósito (Simone – Fernanda Montenegro)