Jun 12 2003

Simone: 25 De Dezembro

A Best Seller!


25 de Dezembro (1995)
This quote from Veja (December 4, 1996) from the article “Trenó Brasileiro” (Brazilian Sleigh), by Celso Masson, is brief and to the point about this album:

Upon releasing her Christmas CD 25 de Dezembro last year, Simone broke a taboo. Contrary to what happens in the U.S. and Europe, Brazilian singers are not used to releasing Christmas music CDs in December.

This release has sold more than 1 million copies and placed Simone “among the greatest stars in Brazilian popular music,” according to Celso Masson. Not a bad birthday gift for the singer (Simone was born on December 25). Arrangements were signed by Júlio Teixeira, Harvey Cohen, Bill Brendle and Moogie Canázio. A curious note about the album: the original release only contained ten tracks. Later, in 1998 PolyGram would re-release the CD with the wonderful bonus track rendition of “Ave Maria.”






25 de Dezembro
Mercury M528948 – 2 (1995)
Time: 40’26”


  1. Então é Natal (Happy Xmas – War is Over) (John Lennon – Yoko Ono – Cláudio Rabello)
  2. Natal Branco (White Christmas) (Irving Berlin – Marino Pinto)
  3. Bate o Sino (Jingle Bells)
  4. Pensamentos (Roberto Carlos – Erasmo Carlos)
  5. O Velhinho (Octávio Filho)
  6. Jesus Cristo (Roberto Carlos – Eramos Carlos)
  7. Que Maravilha Viver (What a Wonderful World) (G.D. Weiss – B. Thiele – Cláudio Rabello)
  8. Natal das Crianças (Blecaute)
  9. Boas Festas (Assis Valente) – w/ Timbalada
  10. Noite Feliz (Silent Night) (F. Gruber)
  11. Ave Maria (Jayme Redondo – Vicente Paiva) – w/ the Meninas Cantoras de Petrópolis