Feb 09 2010

Sérgio Santos: Litoral e Interior

United Contrasts


Litoral e Interior

After the wonderful Iô Sô (2007), singer, composer, arranger and guitarist Sérgio Santos comes up with an at least as beautiful new project: Litoral e Interior. As the title suggests (Coast and Interior), Sérgio Santos musically switches between the two opposites in Brazil’s topography. As a native from Varginha, in the interior state of Minas Gerais, Sérgio spent quite some vacations on the idyllic beaches of Brazil, on the other side of the hills (Serra do Mar), just like many holiday makers from the beach side crossed the hills to relax in the interior. In the eyes of the composer Sérgio Santos it’s like dichotomies. These two areas of Brazil, separated by the Serra do Mar mountains, have their own sentiment in music. Where the coastal melodies are dominated by a rather festive character, the interior music has more reflection in its happiness. The differences, or rather contrasts, tell their own stories.

The music on this album demonstrates that beautifully! The musicians who accompany Sérgio during his adventure are again well chosen. Pianist André Mehmari (who’s also featured on accordion in a few compositions) and the acoustic basses of (producer) Rodolfo Stroeter and Zeca Assumpção enrich the music with a jazzy touch. Especially the instrumental tracks, strengthened with a string orchestra, demonstrate what message Sérgio has in mind. The thin lines he uses between popular music, jazz and even classical music unite in a wonderful, very Brazilian way. But also the vocal tracks, in which the remarkable quality of Sérgio’s voice attracts, show contrasts between them. Take for instance the cheerful frevo “Sombrinha Branca” from the festive coast town Olinda (Pernambuco), against the dramatic sentiment of “Lua e Sol.” Other featured musicians are Tutty Moreno on drums, Teco Cardoso on flute and saxophones and Jota Moraes on vibes.

Boy & kite

Although a contrast on their own, the vocal and instrumental tracks also form a unity. The different sentiments in the instrumental tracks can function as a kind of musical traveling between the coast and interior.The vocal tracks are bound to their lyrics and feature one sentiment each, as a kind of destination from the instrumentals.

As a good tradition, Sérgio worked again with poet Paulo César Pinheiro. Singer Mônica Salmaso proves once again to feel very comfortable with such challenging repertoire. Her guest appearance on the final track “Mar, Montanha e Sertão” is a gem.

To stay in line: the simplicity of enjoying this album lies in its complex theme. It stays interesting and each time the listener can discover new (even her/his own) points of view. It’s not easy to explain; the best thing is to put the cd in the cd-player and experience this dream of beautiful music.

You can learn more about the artist and his music at Sérgio Santos.sergiosantos3



Sérgio Santos
Litoral e Interior 
Biscoito Fino BF 907 (2009)
Time: 52’11”


All tracks by Sérgio Santos, except where noted.

  1. Litoral e Interior
  2. O Mar Adormece
  3. Sombrinha Branca (Sérgio Santos – Paulo César Pinheiro)
  4. Cinema Rio Branco
  5. Lá Vem Chuva (Sérgio Santos – Paulo César Pinheiro)
  6. A Montanha Sonha
  7. Ciranda
  8. Ventando na Areia (Sérgio Santos – Paulo César Pinheiro)
  9. Lua e Sol (Sérgio Santos – Paulo César Pinheiro)
  10. Batuíra
  11. Zabumba (Sérgio Santos – Paulo César Pinheiro)
  12. O Sertão Acorda
  13. Mar, Montanha e Sertão