Mar 08 2003

Ryta de Cassia: Bicho Doméstico

Tasteful Compositions


Bicho DomésticoThe first solo album by Ryta de Cassia turns out to be a pleasant surprise. She recorded already before with pianist Carlos Fuchs (1997; Na Minha Cara), but this is the first album under her own name. Ryta performed as vocalist in the samba band Arranco de Varsóvia, and to her own surprise she was invited to play “the mother of” in the successful musical “South American Way,” about the life of Carmem Miranda.

On this album Bicho Doméstico, Ryta de Cassia offers a variety of tasteful compositions with interesting arrangements. It all starts with Pedro Luís’ “Deus Há de Ser,” with a playful mandolin (Rodrigo Lessa) but a firm rhythm with effective percussion (Sidon Silva, A Parede). The song reflects a sentiment caused by the violence in Rio both Ryta and Pedro were confronted with a few years earlier. “Todo Dia” is accompanied in a more than impressive way by the wonderful pianist Carlos Fuchs and guitarist Rodrigo Campello. The same Rodrigo Campello sounds jazzy on the African inspired “Canção Para Oxum” composed by Dil Fonseca. The lyrics are sung in the Nigerian Yoruba language. A beautiful song about the Candomblé ritual. Lyrics are explained in Portuguese and English in the booklet. “Minha Cara” is a beautiful song composed by Kali C. The arrangement this song gets here stands in contrast to the composer’s own kind of eccentric version. On this rendition Carlos Fuchs is on piano, later joined by a nostalgic accordion by Marcos Nimrichter. A touching highlight on the album. The musicianship of the instrumentalists makes you hold your breath to listen more carefully. “Novidade” is a wonderful samba composed by Rodrigo Maranhão, who also performs on cavaquinho on this song. Alisson Lima is the attentive percussionist, who keeps the samba running. The same composer is responsible for the easy going “Osso.” The blues is represented by “Sinais de Humanidade,” a true masterpiece built around the strong lyrics by Mathilda Kóvak. The greasy trombone by Aramis Guimarães adds to the basics of the blues. Luís Capucho wrote the title track “Bicho Doméstico” that concludes this album in a poppy way. Throughout the album pianist Carlos Fuchs leaves a wonderful impression. No doubt one of the more underestimated pianists in Brazil. A pleasure to hear him on this entertaining cd by another wonderful vocalist.

(We have just received a message of Ryta’s untimely death on April 24, 2006.)



Ryta de Cassia
Bicho Doméstico
Mergulhar AP010 (2002)
Time: 33’36”


  1. Deus Há de Ser (Pedro Luís)
  2. Todo Dia (Rodrigo Maranhão)
  3. Canção Para Oxum – Suíte das Iabás (Dil Fonseca)
  4. Minha Cara (Kali C)
  5. Ciranda do Mundo (Eduardo Krieger)
  6. Coração (Sinval Silva)
  7. Novidade (Rodrigo Maranhão)
  8. Osso (Rodrigo Maranhão)
  9. Sinais de Humanidade (Suely Mesquita – Mathilda Kóvak)
  10. Bicho Doméstico (Luis Capucho)