Jun 12 2005

Rosa Passos: Festa

A Party Like No Other


FestaFesta is one of Rosa Passos most beloved albums. That could be easily understood because seven out of the 12 songs in the album are written by Rosa Passos herself along with her long-time collaborator Fernando de Oliveira (co-writing six of those songs) and one other with Aldir Blanc. The remaining five songs come from Edu Lobo, Djavan, Vadico and Noel Rosa, Aldyr Blanc and Moacyr Luz and Tom Jobim and Vinícius de Moraes.

How can one resist the soft guitar chords in the introduction of “Dunas”? The song paints the end of summer in Salvador, Bahia. The beauty of the scenery is matched with the smooth melody that flows like calm waters. Pink orchids, yellow flowers, bugs and birds populate the city. The entire city is blooming with colors and scents, and all is captured in the beautiful verses in the song. Gilson Peranzzetta’s keyboard accompaniment in this track is memorable. Following this great opener, Edu Lobo’s classic “Candeias” features Idriss Boudrioua’s alto sax solo and Itamar Assiere’s piano accompaniment. It is yet another song describing the beautiful Bahian landscape, the bright moon and white sails as if in a religious procession. Lula Galvão has a great acoustic guitar solo in this track. For “Salada Tropical,” the bouncy arrangement is highlighted with Pirulito’s tamborins with great percussion. The lyrics are poetry in music in essence. Besides talking about poetry directly, the song also mentions Guinga and Aldir Blanc, and in the last verse the unabashed mention to João Gilberto. Love songs with an evocative accordion solo (“Juras”), a mambo that turns into a swinging samba (“Festa”) and the effusive and playful mixture of French and Portuguese (“Paris: De Santos Dumont aos Travestis”) are just some of the memorable songs presented in this excellent album.





Rosa Passos
Velas 11-V015 (1993)
Time: 51’22”


All tracks by Fernando de Oliveira and Rosa Passos except where noted.

  1. Dunas
  2. Candeias (Edu Lobo)
  3. Salada Tropical
  4. Juras
  5. Festa
  6. Causa Perdida (Aldir Blanc – Rosa Passos)
  7. De Flor em Flor (Djavan)
  8. Chuva de Verão
  9. Feitiço da Vila (Vadico – Noel Rosa)
  10. Paris de Santos Dummont aos Travestis (Aldir Blanc – Moacyr Luz)
  11. Outono
  12. Amor em Paz (Tom Jobim – Vinícius de Moraes) [Incidental music: Summer of 42 (Michel LeGrand)]