Jun 12 2005

Rosa Passos: Rosa Passos Canta Caymmi


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Rosa Passos Canta Caymmi The Dorival Caymmi rich repertoire has received many loving recordings. Among some of those memorable releases, I cite Gal Costa’s 1976 standout Gal Canta Caymmi, the 1993 Lumiar 3-CD all-star Songbook Dorival Caymmi , Dori Caymmi’s 1997 loving tribute Tome Conta de Meu Filho, Que Eu Também Já Fui do Mar…” Jussara Silveira’s 1998 mellow Canções de Caymmi, and Olivia Hime’s 2002 luxurious Mar de Algodão – As Marinhas de Caymmi (both CD and DVD formats). The latest Caymmi tribute to date was recorded during Caymmi’s 90th birthday celebration in 2004, Para Caymmi – 90 Anos (also on CD and DVD). It was a tribute from his own family, Nana, Dori and Danilo Caymmi.

Dorival Caymmi & Almir ChediakWith such importance in Brazilian music as Dorival Caymmi has, it is no wonder that so many artists have dedicated entire albums just to his music. Rosa Passos, who is also a native of Caymmi’s Bahia, could not be an exception. The challenge was, of course, how to record such well known classics and still put your own stamp without affecting the music. With Rosa Passos’s unique voice and style, the music of Caymmi seems to have found a comfortable home. Just like Caymmi’s music, Passos’s voice is simple, affectionate and warm. Especially after having produced three CDs with Caymmi’s music, producer Almir Chediak must have had a tough time to trim the repertoire down to 13 classics. In addition to including some of the most beloved Caymmi songs, such as “Você Já Foi à Bahia,” “Marina,” “Só Louco” and “Doralice,” Chediak also gave Passos other gems to perform, such as “Vestido de Bolero” and “Das Rosas.” Galvão’s arrangements go from high-spirited (e.g., “Vatapá,” “Doralice” and “Vestido de Bolero”) to very romantic (e.g., “Sábado em Copacabana” and “Você Não Sabe Amar”).

Salvador, Bahia

Salvador, Bahia



Rosa Passos
Rosa Passos Canta Caymmi 
Lumiar Discos LD54-01/00 (2000)
Time: 45’01”


All tracks by Dorival Caymmi, except where noted.

  1. Você já foi à Bahia?
  2. Marina
  3. Só Louco
  4. Rosa Morena
  5. Sábado em Copacabana (Carlos Guinle – Dorival Caymmi)
  6. Vatapá
  7. Você Não Sabe Amar (Hugo Lima – Calos Guinle – Dorival Caymmi)
  8. Milagre
  9. Doralice
  10. O Bem do Mar
  11. Vestido de Bolero
  12. O Samba da Minha Terra
  13. Das Rosas