Dec 08 2003

Ronaldo Folegatti: Mazy Tales / Anjos & Estrelas

A Double Shot!


Mazy TalesWhat a delight to hear these two new releases by Ronaldo Folegatti (guitars, keyboards, vocals). Mazy Tales, an instrumental album with a strong jazz and Brazilian feel, opens with a taste of the Brazilian northeast in “Batata-Doce.” The baião flavored tune is just one side of the diverse musical universe that Folegatti presents in this CD. He comes back to baião in “Janaião,” “Hermético Agosto” (can you say Hermeto Pascoal?) and other tracks, but he does not forget the vivacious rhythms of samba, as in “The Doctor’s Samba” and “Cumdengu Da.” Whether with a baião, samba or bolero, as in “A Bordo de um Avião,” Folegatti’s music is both exquisite and captivating. When he delves more into the jazz world, he is absolutely brilliant. You will be amazed at the haunting melody and Fernando di Mello’s mystic vocalese of “Fairy Tale.”

While vocals in Mazy Tales are often secondary to the magnificent instrumental work, in Anjos & Estrelas, Folegatti explores his lyricist side. True, it is a lighter album, but the same musical quality of Mazy Tales is still evident. Whether with poignant lyrics or simple poetry, Anjos & Estrelas is also very pleasing. Though clearly more popular in scope, the album is still effervescent in some jazzy numbers, as is the case of “Extensão,” where Folegatti’s own soothing vocals pair up with Patricia Araújo’s crisp voice in a sexy duet. Next, in “Falta de Criatividade,” Folegatti brings Luciana Marinho in a marvelous samba with a João Bosco touch of greatness. The track is effusive and joyful.


Patricia Araújo

Together, these two releases seem to complement each other well. You get a double dose of Folegatti with a good blend of vocalists and superb musicianship.



Ronaldo Folegatti
Mazy Tales
Folegatti Music RF B001 (2000)
Time: 73’06”


All tracks composed by Ronaldo Folegatti.

  1. Batata-Doce
  2. A Bordo de um Avião
  3. Fairy Tale
  4. Janaião
  5. Mariposas
  6. The Doctor’s Samba
  7. Seven Tails for Seven Tales
  8. Valerie
  9. Hermético Agosto
  10. Chameguim
  11. Coisas de Mar
  12. Sue Roobba Against the Intolerance
  13. Dugu Dadagu Dudu
  14. Cumdengu Da
  15. Pensando em Você
  16. Arpeggio



Ronaldo Folegatti
Anjos & Estrelas
Folegatti Music RF B002 (2000)
Time: 64’55”


All tracks composed by Ronaldo Folegatti.

  1. Estrela Distante
  2. Extensão
  3. Clarice
  4. Valsa Só
  5. Meditação na Cidade
  6. Falta de Criatividade
  7. Vizinha
  8. Chat
  9. El Tangolero
  10. Viver
  11. Falsa Salsa pro João
  12. Tango da Volta
  13. Meu Anjo
  14. A Mão

This review appeared in Terra Brasilis in April 2001