Dec 08 2003

Ronaldo Folegatti: História de Beijos

Great Follow-up


História de BeijosBack in April of 2001, I had the pleasure of becoming acquainted with Ronaldo Folegatti’s music via two of his albums, Mazy Tales and Anjos & Estrelas. Shaking our musical perception of his work, Folegatti’s latest album is a daring project and features vocalist Patrícia Araújo in all tracks (she had done some vocals in Anjos & Estrelas). Clocking at more than 70 minutes, this CD packs good music, terrific beat and very interesting lyrics. On top of it all, Folegatti steals the scene whenever he plays his smooth guitar, and there are plenty of guitar solos throughout the recording. As Folegatti says, Histórias de Beijos is his way of mixing Brazilian Popular Music (Música Popular Brasileira, MPB) with his jazzy style. The end result is best defined not as MPB or jazz, but rather as Folegatti music.

“Quase Pop” is an awesome track, and what a way to open Histórias de Beijos. Folegatti’s music is bouncy and hard to resist not dancing to it. His guitar solo in this track is very cool and sometimes so reminiscent of George Benson’s sound. And the lyrics make such a statement:



Mostrei meu lado de bebop
Pra você me aceitar
Agora vou mandar no pop
Pra você me escutar
Será que vai notar?

I showed you my bebop side
For you to accept me
Now I’m giving you pop
For you to listen to me
Will you notice me?

Patricia Araújo

Patricia Araújo

Wow, if that is not a slap to marketing executives in the Brazilian music industry! They are missing the boat. Araújo’s vocals are so fitting to this song, and the background vocalists do a great job, too.

“Lambuzado” is another good moment in this album. The cha-cha-cha rhythm is contagious. As if the beat did not catch you, the lyrics are also very interesting. This is a love song talking about the pleasures of being with the one you love, spending time together kissing, feeding your loved one in the mouth, undressing each other and playing hide and seek. Sensuality abounds in this track with the right combination of rhythm and words.

Written, produced, arranged, recorded and mixed by Folegatti, Histórias de Beijos is a treasure. Besides all those credits, Folegatti does some vocals and also plays just about everything you hear in the album: guitars, keyboards, bass, cavaquinho, percussion, samplers and more. He did find room to invite a few special guests. Their presence adds a special treat and dimension to the album. Liner notes contain all lyrics and personnel.



Ronaldo Folegatti
Histórias de Beijos
Folegatti Music RF B003 (2002)
Time: 73’40”


All tracks composed by Ronaldo Folegatti.

  1. Quase Pop
  2. Paraíso Imerso
  3. Éramos Tão Iguais
  4. Lambuzado
  5. Brincadeira
  6. O Resto não Era Nada
  7. Dentro de Ti
  8. Treze de Maio
  9. Me Gosta
  10. Fui Sempre Razão
  11. Longe de Você
  12. Noites, Tintos e Beijos
  13. Só pra Ver