Feb 07 2013

Rogério Botter Maio Trio: Sobre o Silêncio

Alluring Silence



Sobre o SilêncioIntroducing a new trio formation, Rogério Botter Maio releases his fifth album, Sobre o Silêncio. Featuring nine original compositions Rogério wrote and a new arrangement for the Menescal-Bôscoli quintessential “A Morte de um Deus do Sal,” the album shines for its arrangement and performances that fuse Brazilian traditional genres with jazz. With Rogério commanding the acoustic and upright basses and doing occasional vocals (he also produced and arranged all tracks), Vinícius Gomes on acoustic guitar, viola and harmonica and Fábio Leandro on piano and voice, the Rogério Botter Maio Trio is complete. To sweeten the pot, special guest appearances from Dom Salvador (piano), Roberto Menescal (voice), Carlos Aguirre (accordion), and Emilio Martins (percussion) makeSobre o Silêncio irresistible.

Sobre o Silêncio is all about music and its eternal allure for beauty in a simple, direct way. This all-acoustic album strives for the essence of intimate compositions performed with vigor. A universal fugue, such as “Fuga Fugaz,” a choro-canção as in “Ser e Estar,” the surprising quietness of a maracatú in “MaracaDom” all co-exist in perfect unison with the waltzy title track, “Sobre o Silêncio.” Proving all musicians’ skills, the sweeping arrangement for “A Morte de um Deus do Sal” is major accomplishment for this trio. They hold back nothing and deliver a stunning rendition here.

Rogério Botter Maio Trio

To whet your appetite for the great music in the album, watch the trio performing the opening track for Sobre o Silêncio. This is “Desde Sempre”:

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Rogério Botter Maio Trio
Sobre o Silêncio 
Independent 5.060.718 (2012)
Time: 53’04”


All tracks by Rogério Botter Maio, except where noted.

  1. Desde Sempre
  2. Ano Novo
  3. Ser e Estar
  4. MaracaDom
  5. Sobre o Silêncio
  6. Fuga Fugaz
  7. Prá Cá de Marrakesh
  8. A Morte de um Deus do Sal (Roberto Menescal – Ronaldo Bôscoli)
  9. Noche Vieja
  10. Rodolpheando