Jan 08 2010

Roberta Sá: Pra Se Ter Alegria – Ao Vivo no Rio

On the Road to Confirmation


Pra Se Ter Alegria - Ao Vivo no Rio

Singer Roberta Sá (Natal, Rio Grande do Norte; 1980) seems to be on her way to settle her name between the ones of Brazil’s favourite performers. Driven by the success of her first two most enjoyable albums (Que Belo Estranho Dia Pra Se Ter Alegria (2007) and Braseiro (2004), MP,B Universal thought it was time to go with the flow and do a live album. Released on CD and DVD, Pra Se Ter Alegria gives a nice overview of Roberta’s two earlier albums with a few extras. The production is in the capable hands of guitarist Rodrigo Campello. He’s on stage as well, playing electric and acoustic (7-string) guitars and cavaquinho while, at moments, messing around with electronic effects.

Unfortunately his choice to add electronic produced sounds to the accompaniment sometimes is a questionable one. I don’t understand his motivations for the way he uses electronics in songs like “Alô Fevereiro” and “Ah, Se Eu Vou” (which could have been a highlight on the album). On the other hand, on “Mais Alguém” it all sounds nice in combination with the percussion. Other band members are the impeccable Antonia Adnet on the acoustic 7-string guitar, backing vocals and percussion. She plays an important role in the mainly acoustic sound of the band. The percussion benefits from the experience of Jovi Joviniane. Élcio Cáfaro is on drums and bassist is Ronaldo Diamante (both on electric and on acoustic bass).

Roberta SáRoberta works her way through some of her finest repertoire. She has a wonderful voice and knows which songs to choose. “Samba de um Minuto” brings a special bright moment; the acoustic guitar and light percussion inspires the audience to join in for a happy moment. “Agora Sim” gets a nice intro on the cavaquinho before the rest of the band members jump in on various percussion instruments with Antonia Adnet on the acoustic 7-string guitar. Another wonderful rendition is the one of “Samba de Amor e Ódio,” which features the opening chords by Antonia Adnet.

Of course a few guests are invited to make the evening extra special. Roberta’s husband Pedro Luís has a wonderful appearance on his own “Girando na Renda.” The amazing Hamilton de Holanda shines on “Novo Amor.” Unfortunately I’m not too crazy about the participation of Marcelo D2 on “Samba do Balanço”; it sounds kind of misplaced on this particular album.

The DVD has a few remarkable extras: four outstanding duets with very special guests. Chico Buarque sings along on “Mambembe,” Ney Matogrosso (with Trio Madeira Brasil) sounds great on “Peito Vazio,” Portuguese singer Antônio Zambujo brings out another good and surprising side of Roberta in the fado “Eu Já Não Sei,” and “Modinha” is accompanied by the dazzling Yamandú Costa on guitar.

The nice thing is that the people who opted for buying the CD instead of the DVD can put their CD in a PC, and in turn this will lead to the download of the audio tracks of these four songs. A great extra and strongly recommended. So the CD will do fine on its own, unless you want to see how Roberta does the best she can to live up to her reputation as being “cute,” in contrast to an emotionless Rodrigo Campello, who does his best to look “cool”… The music is fine, and that’s still what counts. Roberta Sá is a great singer. Hopefully she keeps her good taste for music. The next project seems to focus on work of samba composer Roque Ferreira (from Bahia), accompanied by Trio Madeira Brasil and percussionists Zero and Paulinho Dias. That sounds promising enough…

You can learn more about Roberta and hear her music at her web site.Roberta Sá



Roberta Sá
Pra Se Ter Alegria – Ao Vivo no Rio
MP,B Universal 60252712478 (2009)
Time: 52’16”



  1. O Pedido (Júnio Barreto – Jam da Silva)
  2. Alô Fevereiro (Sidney Miller)
  3. Interessa? (Carvalhinho)
  4. Mais Alguém (Moreno Veloso – Quito Ribeiro)
  5. Samba de um Minuto (Rodrigo Maranhão)
  6. Agora Sim (Roberta Sá – Pedro Luís – Carlos Rennó)
  7. Samba de Amor e Ódio (Pedro Luís – Carlos Rennó)
  8. Pelas Tabelas (Chico Buarque)
  9. Ah, Se Eu Vou (Lula Queiroga)
  10. Girando na Renda (Pedro Luís – Sérgio Paes – Flávio Guimarães)
  11. Laranjeira (Roque Ferreira)
  12. Novo Amor (Edu Krieger)
  13. Samba do Balanço (Luiz Machado)
  14. No Braseiro (Pedro Luís)

Interactive extras on CD

  • Mambembe (Chico Buarque) with Chico Buarque and Marcello Gonçalves (ac g)
  • Peito Vazio (Cartola – Elton Medeiros) with Ney Matogrosso and Trio Madeira Brasil
  • Eu Já Não Sei (Domingos Gonçalves Costa – Carlos Gonçalves) with Antonio Zambujo, Yamandú Costa (ac g) and Ricardo Cruz (ac bass guitar)
  • Modinha (Vinícius de Moraes – Antônio Carlos Jobim) with Yamandú Costa

Additional songs on the DVD

  • Eu Sambo Mesmo (Janet de Almeida)
  • A Vizinha do Lado (Dorival Caymmi)
  • Cicatrizes (Miltinho – Paulo César Pinheiro)
  • Casa Pré-Fabricada (Marcelo Camelo)
  • Janeiros (Pedro Luís – Roberta Sá)
  • Belo Estranho Dia de Amanhã (Lula Queiroga)
  • Fogo e Gasolina (Pedro Luís – Carlos Rennó)