Dec 08 2003

Renio Quintas: As Canções

Diverse and Pleasing


As CançõesMaestro Renio Quintas received his degree in composition and conducting from the University of Brasília’s prestigious school of music. He was the founding member of Brasília’s instrumental groups Artimanha and Naipe and has written several soundtracks for the theatre and movies. In addition to that, besides taking part in several jazz festivals both in Brazil and abroad, Quintas has worked with a wide range of Brazilian artists, such as rock star Cássia Eller and jazz giants Adriano Giffoni and Jorge Helder. More recently, he has been the musical director for Célia Porto.

The diversity of music in As Canções goes beyond the various musical styles listeners can hear. With some live tracks and others recorded in the studio, the album includes jazz, bossa nova and even salsa. For eight tracks of this work, the basic group formation is Quintas (piano and keyboards) along with Ademar Boka (drums), André Vasconcelos (bass), Paulo Magno (flute and soprano sax) and Célia Porto (voice). The choice to open the album with the live “Antigamente” was very appropriate. From the introductory trio formation — piano, bass and drums — the music grows by leaps and bounds both in tempo and instrumentation. Both Quintas’s and Boka’s solos are breathtaking in this track. Jazz fans should enjoy the way Quintas stirs things up really nicely for the rest of the album. After two jazz-flavored tracks, Quintas delves into a swingy bossa nova. For some people, “Bossa Doce” will clearly remind them of Zimbo Trio. The tempo and solos are great. Slowing things down a bit, the piano introduction in “O Guarda-Linhas” sets the mood for Porto’s haunting vocalise. One other interesting piece is “Encontro com Rama.” From an Hermeto Pascoal-ish experimental beginning, the song evolves into a lively number with Magno’s flute solo adding a xote flavor.

As part of the variety in As Canções, two other different group formations are present in the recording. The first is Group Naipe, featured in one track, “Rafael.” In addition to Quintas, Magno and Porto, Fernando Corbal (acoustic guitar), Sidnei Sheikor (bass) and José Ernesto (drums) complete Group Naipe. The other formation is Célia Porto and Band. Porto’s band features Quintas (keyboards), Erivelton Silva (drums), Samuel Silva (bass), Roberto Ricardo (acoustic guitar) and Pachá Galina (cello). Together they perform the title track. In closing the album, Quintas and Porto are joined by Cláudio Vinícius on a 10-string viola in the prophetic “Segredos Cegos.”

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Renio Quintas
As Canções
Independent (1997)
Time: 53’48”


All tracks composed by Renio Quintas.

  1. Antigamente
  2. Vitrines
  3. Bossa Doce
  4. O Guarda-Linhas
  5. Rafael
  6. Ana Luísa
  7. Encontro com Rama
  8. Brasília
  9. Porque Você Pediu
  10. As Canções
  11. Segredos Cegos