Aug 24 2002

Renato Borghetti: Ao Ritmo do Tio Bilia

A Tribute to Gaúcho Music


Ao Ritmo do Tio BiliaBorn in 1963 in Porto Alegre, Renato Borghetti (Borghettinho) started playing at age 10, while at age 15 the stage was professionally hit. Record-wise he can’t complain about the sales. His first album (1984) sold 100.000 copies, while later albums even reached 250.000 happy listeners. He performed throughout the world, like at S.O.B. in NYC, as well as in Europe. In Brazil he could be found in the company of Elba, Alceu, Dominguinhos and old rockers like Engenheiros do Hawaii.

On this 1999 release, he pays tribute to the legendary ‘gaiteiro’ named Antônio Soares de Oliveira, or in short, Tio Bilia (born 1906). Borghettinho not only wants to pay tribute to this musician, but to the whole tradition of gaúcho music. And with success, I’d say. The 11 songs on this CD are all written by Tio Bilia and played in fresh sounding arrangements with respect for the tradition. The 100% proof gaúcho music is performed with the help of Daniel Sá (guitars), Ronaldo Saggiorato (bass), Juarez Ferreira (drums) and percussionist Fernando do Ô. This is a beautiful, although short, album by one of Brazil’s younger musicians playing on the button accordion. “Farroupilha” features a wonderful bass solo, while on the second take of “Missioneiro,” enthusiast Bilia family members joins in.

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Renato Borghetti
Ao Ritmo do Tio Bilia
RBS Som Livre 2263/2 (1999)
Time: 37’23”


All music by Renato Borghetti.

  1. Cabo Batista
  2. Bem-Te-Vi
  3. Missioneiro
  4. Farroupilha
  5. 5 de Agosto, Meu Aniversário
  6. Vaneirão Gaúcho
  7. Casório do Batista
  8. Meio Mundo
  9. Chote Correntin
  10. Tio Bilia na Oito Baixo
  11. Missioneiro