Nov 08 2005

Raphael Rabello: Cry, My Guitar

A Guitar Master


Cry, My Guitar

Raphael Rabello (Petrópolis, RJ, 1962 – Rio de Janeiro, RJ, 1995) was a guitarist virtuoso who left an unforgettable mark in Brazilian music. Raised along with talented family members Amélia (singer) and Luciana (cavaquinista), Raphael Rabello began his professional career in 1976 as a member of the group Os Carioquinhas. The group ended two years later, but in 1979 Raphael started another group, Camerata Carioca. With a very active musical career, Raphael participated as a studio musician in more than 400 recordings with other artists, including Ney Matogrosso, Gal Costa and Elizeth Cardoso, just to name a few. His artistry took him outside of Brazil, where he amazed audiences in Italy, Switzerland, Argentine, Chile, Mexico, Portugal, France, Canada and, eventually, the United States, where he set up residence in 1994. The accolades Raphael received from other distinguished musicians are a testimony of just how wonderful he was. Tom Jobim, Paco de Lucia, Marco Pereira, Paulo Moura, Paulo Bellinati, Oscar Castro-Neves, João Gilberto, Lee Ritenour, Guinga, Romero Lubambo, Francis Hime and countless other giants have spared no words of praise to one of Brazil’s greatest guitarist who passed away too soon. To this day, whenever I hear “Samba do Avião,” the first track of Raphael’s Todos os Tons (BMG 150 0020, 1992), I am convinced that Raphael must have had a direct connection with the gods. Raphael, Paulinho, GalIt is completely unbelievable that one person could play the guitar so well and so professionally,

Cry, My Guitar was originally recorded in 1994, shortly before Raphael’s death. After 11 years of keeping this precious gem on the shelves, GSP Recordings decided to release the album to the delight of guitar fans worldwide. Amazingly enough, the entire album was recorded in two afternoons, according to the liner notes. The repertoire, produced by Dean Kamei, takes you along some of the most beautiful music ever written for guitar. Compositions by Canhoto da Paraíba, Garoto, Laurindo de Almeida, João dos Santos, Pixinguinha, Francis Hime, Baden Powell as well as original music by Raphael Rabello himself provide the backdrop for this enchanting musical journey. For the cd opener, “Ainda Me Recordo,” Raphael dazzles our senses with an arrangement that alternates between a fast tempo and a Flamenco-style middle section. In closing that track, he leaves you breathless at the speed and precision he demonstrates on his guitar. Quite impressive! In other instances, Raphael takes the tempo down and presents us with most romantic renditions of melodies such as “Tua Imagem” and the touching closing number, “Sete Cordas.” In Francis Hime’s “Passaredo,” Raphael comes back with a vengeance and delivers a commanding rendition of that song.

Cry, My Guitar is a tour de force that remained hidden far too long. If you have never had the chance to experience the guitar work of Raphael Rabello, this is your ticket. With his Brazilian releases being out of print, you might not have another chance.



Raphael Rabello
Cry, My Guitar 
GSP Recordings GSP 1010CD (2005)
Time: 42’49”


  1. Ainda Me Recordo (Pixinguinha – Benedito Lacerda)
  2. Tua Imagem (Canhoto da Paraíba)
  3. Sentimentos, Se Você Pergunta: Nunca Vai Saber (Baden Powell)
  4. Meu Avô (Raphael Rabello)
  5. Pedra do Leme (Raphael Rabello – Toquinho)
  6. Malandro Descendo o Morro (João dos Santos)
  7. Camará (Raphael Rabello)
  8. Choro Para Olga (Laurindo Almeida)
  9. Com Mais de Mil (Canhoto da Paraíba)
  10. Moleque do Gantois (Raphael Rabello)
  11. Passaredo (Francis Hime)
  12. Lamentos do Morro (Garoto)
  13. Sete Cordas (Raphael Rabello – Paulo César Pinheiro)