Nov 08 2010

Quarteto Impressons: O Desague

A New Quartet


O Desague

Since 2003, Quarteto Impressons has been actively making music in some of the most prestigious venues in Brazil, including Sala Baden Powell and Sala Villa-Lobos. With a unique formation, the group is comprised of Thomas Saboga (acoustic guitar), Larissa Goretkin (flute), Matias Corrêa (acoustic bass) and Renata Neves (violin, viola). Thomas, who also wrote and arranged all music in this debut recording, created the group with the intention of performing his compositions.

Thomas Saboga obtained his master’s degree in music at Uni-Rio. His studies focused on the music of Guinga. Thomas is no stranger among the music circles in Brazil. Milton Nascimento recorded one Thomas’ songs, “Baião de Câmara,” in Simone Guimarães’ 2007 Flor de Pão album. He has also performed with Guinga and Gabriel Grossi. When he is not playing with the Voice Orchestra Meninos do Rio, he is writing chamber music such as some of what he plays here or writing soundtracks. However, chamber music is not the focus in this album. Thomas goes beyong that and uses his acoustic guitar to cover a wider spectrum of Brazilian music genres, including choro and frevo.
As for the other members of the quartet, they bring a wealth of experience to add to the group’s unique sound. Larissa, for example, began studying flute at nine years of age. Later on, she also studied with Andréa Ernst Dias and Laura Rónai. As for Matias Corrêa, he brings under his belt the experience of playing with names such as Leny Andrade, Ney Matogrosso, Zélia Duncan and Francis Hime. And then we have Renata Neves, who is a member of the extraordinary Itiberê Orquestra Família and has also recorded with Hermeto Pascoal.

Quarteto Impressons

As expected with the fusion of acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, flute and violin, the music in O Desague is warm and intimate, even when performing frevos such as “Frevo Santa.” The whole album is a rich sound that explores all nuances of Thomas Saboga’s intricate compositions. It is no wonder that O Desague has received accolades from guitar masters Guinga and Marco Pereira. Guinga praises the many Brazilian elements in the album, and Marco affirms this release boosts even more the Brazilian acoustic guitar presence. “Manjericão,” for example, is an beautiful piece very reminiscent of Guinga’s own works, and it truly showcases Thomas’ command and musical expertise. Another remarkable piece is “Dueto,” with its permutations of duo solos throughout the track.

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Quarteto Impressons
O Desague 
A Casa ACD-INS 002 (2010)
Time: 46’38”


All music by Thomas Saboga, except where noted.

  1. Série Bem-Temperada: I. Coentro
  2. Série Bem-Temperada: II. Cheiro-Verde
  3. Série Bem-Temperada: III. Manjericão
  4. No Lago
  5. Seresta em Forma de Profecia
  6. Choro pro Barbieri – w/ Luís Carlos Barbieri
  7. Conversa de Surdo
  8. Depois da Tempestade
  9. Chão e Brasas
  10. Dueto
  11. Frevo Santa (Thomas Saboga – Edu Kneip) – w/ Mariana Bernardes