Sep 06 2002

Pedro Luís e a Parede: Zona e Progresso

A Healthy Sense of Humor


Zona e ProgressoPedro Luís (1960) is an obstinate musician who rapidly found his way in the Brazilian music scene. Sometimes, though, he and his band tend to sound a bit chaotic to me. Vocals drown a bit in the heavy percussion. This CD Zona e Progresso by Pedro Luís e A Parede (PLAP) sounds more accessible although not all songs reach the same high level.

The opening “Batalha Naval” is nothing less than a great popsong. Percussion is (of course) still the strong force. Together with special (guitar) effects, they create a solid basis for the vocals. It sets the tone for the CD. “Morbidance” continues that sentiment in Northeastern directions with Carlos Fuchs, a guest keyboard player, and a deep sounding bass line. “Parte Coração” is a gentle bossa-influenced song with a friendly sounding Rodrigo Campello on 7-string guitar. “De Queixo” has a bit of Alceu Valença in it, indicating that Pedro Luís (from Tijuca, Rio) finds inspiration in the “Nordeste do Brasil.” The title song, “Zona e Progresso,” is another highlight of the album. Funky bass line, strong rhythm again; wonderful composition. “Do Leme ao Leblon” is a good example of Rio’s samba rock, with a plucking bassist. Pedro Luís is the lead vocalist, but this group of percussionists (Sidon Silva, C.A. Ferrari, Mário Moura and Celso Alvim) participates in the vocals as well in this band. That adds to the different colors PLAP is able to create.

Batucada is (as said) the main force; but good compositions and a healthy sense of humor make this a wonderful (third) CD by a band that seems to have found a well-deserved place in Brazilian samba-rock.



Pedro Luís e a Parede
Zona e Progresso
Universal 32591 2003552 3 (2001)
Time: 43’08”


  1. Batalha Naval (Pedro Luís – Bianca Ramoneda)
  2. Morbidance (Lula Queiroga – Felipe Falcão – Lucky Luciano)
  3. Parte Coração (Pedro Luís)
  4. 10 de Queixo (Pedro Luís)
  5. Zona e Progresso (Suely Mesquita – Pedro Luís – Ar’cia Mess)
  6. Mão e Luva (Pedro Luís)
  7. Nega de Obaluaê (Wando)
  8. Quem Vai Querer (Pedro Luís)
  9. Saudação a Toco Preto (Candeia)
  10. Não ao Disperdício (Rodrigo Cabelo – Glaucia Saad)
  11. Ciranda do Mundo (Eduardo Krieger)
  12. Do Leme ao Leblon (Carlos Negreiros)