Jun 08 2004

Os Paralamas do Sucesso: Uns Dias – Ao Vivo

A True Document


Uns Dias - Ao VivoThere is no doubt about the status of Os Paralamas do Sucesso: the band from Rio is a personification of Brazilian rock. The band was formed by childhood friends Bi Ribeiro (1961) and Herbert Vianna (1961) in the late 70’s. Vianna (guitar and vocals) convinced Ribeiro to buy a bass guitar, while drummer Vital completed the trio. Vital left; João Barone (1962) took over the place behind the drums in 1981 and success started. A demo, given to Radio Fluminense, led to a still lasting recording contract with EMI. Their first album, the 90,000 copies selling Cinema Mudo in 1983, marked the beginning of a long journey through Brazilian Rock. A journey during which a few side-roads were taken. Like the London recorded album Severino (1994), which was ignored by Brazilian radio stations and maybe their worst selling album, although critics were almost unanimously raving about it. Strange enough the live album of the Severino tour was among the band’s best selling albums (VamoBatêlata, 1995, sold at least 900,000 copies). As a true rock band, lyrics often expressed social and political abuses. The song “Luís Inácio (300 picaretas)” was even forbidden to be performed at concerts in Brazil’s capital Brasilia. That song put the National Congress of that time in a rather bad light (appearing on the extra bonus album with VamoBatêlata in 1995) .

Paralamas do SucessoAfter 22 years on the road, Paralamas decided to tour around with a show based on the repertoire throughout those years, at the same time celebrating the recovering of Herbert Vianna (after a terrible accident in 2001). The tour was recorded in perfect conditions, resulting in superb sound quality. Fans are given the choice between a DVD, a double cd or a single cd (or, for the die hard fans a double cd with DVD). The double cd gives a wonderful overview of Paralamas career. The songs are performed in trio setting as well as with the extended touring band, joined by long time friends João Fera (keyboards), Monteiro Jr (saxophones), Eduardo Lyra (percussion) and trombonist Bidu Cordeiro. During the almost two-hour show, well chosen guest musicians show up, contributing to the musical variety on this fantastic album. The hit songs from the ten studio albums are performed with the enthusiasm Paralamas is so well known for. Edgard Scandurra (from the band Ira!) is the first guest. The aggressive rock style of this left handed guitarist fits perfectly in the two songs he joins in: Paul Weller’s “Running on the Spot” and Fito Paez’s “Trac-Trac.” Though it’s amazing how full the trio sound of Paralamas is, highlighted in “Selvagem.” This is one of the songs that shows how well Paralamas matured. The compositions survived the ravages of time, as did the musicians. Bi Ribeiro’s bass sounds even more playful; Barone shows why he’s definitely among Brazil’s best drummers (although his snare drum may sound a bit too tight tuned on this album) and Vianna confirms his talent on both guitar and vocals. His guitar solos are strong and underlining the sentiment of the songs. Next guest is Dado Villa-Lobos, the guitarist from that other legendary band, Legião Urbana. Their music pays tribute to the very strong Renato Russo composition and representative song of the 80’s “Que País É Este.” Nando Reis (Titãs) adds his recognizable voice to reggae influenced “Tendo a Lua.” Bi Ribeiro shows his very skilled talent to play reggae (he formed his own band Reggae B during the forced time-out of Paralamas, after Herbert Vianna’s accident). On disc two the horns and keyboards do their entrance. One of the featured guests is Kid Abelha’s George Israel on saxophone. Funny how the three members of Kid Abelha always sound their best when not performing with their own band… Roberto Frejat, guitarist and vocalist of a band that also wrote history (Barão Vermelho with the late Cazuza) leaves his marks on the two songs he’s invited for. In “Caleidoscópio” the two guitarists trade solos, unfortunately a bit too separated in the mix. Djavan surprises on “Lanterna dos Afogados” and “Uma Brasileira” (from the album VamoBatêlata, on which he was guest too in that song). The rendition of “Afogados” is beautiful: perfect guitar solo, wonderful saxophone solo, supported by a delightful organ and very attentive drumming. Another Titãs band member, Paulo Miklos, is a guest on “O Beco.” Sepultura’s Andreas Kisser spices up the album’s closing bonus song “Mensagem de Amor.” The guitarist puts some extra flames under this already burning song. A bonus song, it was taped during another performance at the giant Ibirapuera Park in São Paulo, August 2003, while the rest of this album is taken from a show at the Olympia in São Paulo, on November 14th, 2003.

This double cd is a true document for all Paralamas fans, while it gives a representative collection of their hits for anyone who wants to learn more about this superb trio.



Os Paralamas do Sucesso
Uns Dias – Ao Vivo
EMI Capitol 577538 2 (2004)
Time: 49’09” and 49’08”

Tracks (* indicates songs appearing in the single cd version):

Disc 1

  1. O Calibre (Herbert Vianna)  *
  2. Running On The Spot (Paul Weller)  – w/ Edgard Scandurra
  3. Trac-Trac (Fito Paez – transl. Herbert Vianna)  – w/ Edgard Scandurra  *
  4. Mensagem de Amor (Herbert Vianna)
  5. Selvagem (Herbert Vianna – Bi Ribeiro – João Barone)
  6. Soldado da Paz (Herbert Vianna)  – w/ Dado Villa-Lobos
  7. Que País É Este? (Renato Russo)  – w/ Dado Villa-Lobos  *
  8. Seguindo Estrelas (Herbert Vianna)  *
  9. Meu Erro (Herbert Vianna)
  10. Cuide Bem do Seu Amor (Herbert Vianna)  *
  11. Longo Caminho (Herbert Vianna)
  12. Tendo a Lua (Herbert Vianna – Tetê Tillet)  – w/ Nando Reis  *
  13. Será Que Vai Chover (Herbert Vianna) / Assaltaram a Gramática (Lulu Santos – Waly Salomão) / O Filho Pródigo (Black Alien)  w/ Black Alien

Disc 2

  1. Dos Margaritas (Herbert Vianna – Bi Ribeiro)
  2. Depois da Queda o Coice (Herbert Vianna)
  3. Ska (Herbert Vianna)  – w/ George Israel
  4. La Bella Luna (Herbert Vianna)  – w/ George Israel  *
  5. Uns Dias (Herbert Vianna)  – w/ Frejat  *
  6. Caleidoscópio (Herbert Vianna) – w/ Frejat and George Israel  *
  7. Ela Disse Adeus (Herbert Vianna)  – w/ George Israel  *
  8. Lanterna dos Afogados (Herbert Vianna)  – w/ Djavan
  9. Uma Brasileira (Carlinhos Brown – Herbert Vianna)  – w/ Djavan  *
  10. O Beco (Herbert Vianna – Bi Ribeiro)  – w/ Paulo Miklos  *
  11. Alagados (Herbert Vianna – Bi Ribeiro – João Barone)
  12. Lourinha Bombril (Diego Blanco – Baiano – transl. Herbert Vianna)  *
  13. Mensagem de Amor  (Herbert Vianna)  – w/ Andreas Kisser  *