Jul 08 2010

Os Paralamas do Sucesso: Summer Stage Concert Review

Summer Stage, Central Park


Summer Stage

Os Paralamas do Sucesso
Concert Review
New York City, USA
June 12, 2010



It was a beautiful evening in Central Park when Os Paralamas do Sucesso brightened up the closing evening of the 8th Annual Petrobrás Brasil Cine Fest (film festival). Although the band hadn’t been in The Big Apple for quite some years, the audience of around 5,000 clearly remembered them very well. The open air concert at the cute Summer Stage was followed by a (big) screen movie performance of “Life Is a Breath of Air” by Fabiano Maciel, about the life of the amazing Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer. So evidently the darkest half of the evening was reserved for the movie. Paralamas performed during daylight. Also the white film screen as background gave the stage a somewhat sterile character. It proved to be no obstacle for Paralamas. The band performed in its large setting; that means including keyboards and horns, and had no problem to reach the soul of a hungry audience.

This evening’s repertoire was built around renditions from their latest album Brasil Afora and well chosen older work. The biggest hits could count on the vocal accompaniment by an enthusiastic crowd. A crowd that even got more enthusiastic when Maria Gadú was given the chance to join the band for three songs. Considered as a new revelation in the Brazilian pop scene, the singer gave the best of herself during renditions of “Lanterna dos Afogados” and an impressive “Caleidoscópio.” The third song, “Shimbalaiê,” was from her self titled, beautifully packed debut album from 2009. The popularity of the singer was confirmed by the glorious reactions from the audience. Maria Gadú seemed to feel very comfortable on stage with these Brazilian rock legends. After her short appearance the band took over in a higher gear; the start of a typical Paralamas de Sucesso party. Herbert Vianna showed his guitar skills with some nice soloing. The songs followed in a dazzling tempo. With two all time classics as an encore, “Óculos” and “Vital e Sua Moto,” the band said farewell to a grateful audience, with of course the promise to come back soon…



  • Herbert Vianna, guitar and vocals
  • B Ribeiro, bass
  • João Barone, drums
  • João “Fera” Gonçalves, keyboards
  • Monteiro Jr, saxes
  • Bidu Cordeiro, trombone
  • Guest: Maria Gadú, vocals and acoustic guitar

Concert Photos (©Kees Schoof)

Summer Stage


João Barone


Herbert Vianna


Monteiro Jr., Maria Gadú,


Bi Ribeiro


João Fera