Dec 08 2005

Os Paralamas do Sucesso: Hoje

Superb Compositions


HojeA very powerful new release from Os Paralamas de Sucesso, the band that for more than 20 years is one of Brazil’s leading rock bands. On this cd they pitiless shows why. The compositions are superb, loyal to that wonderful Paralamas tradition. Music influenced by rock, reggae and ska. The very good thing about Paralamas is that the band stays right on tune with contemporary music. The sneaky additions of a few electronic sound effects give the music the sound of today (“Hoje”). It’s striking how quite a few of the songs on this album are written by the three band members, vocalist/guitarist Herbert Vianna, bassist Bi Ribeiro and drummer João Barone. There’s also a Chico Buarque composition on this album “Deus Lhe Pague.” Although the song is presented as a bonus track, it fits perfectly with the rest of this album’s repertoire. It’s hard to name the highlights, since all tracks are just great, except for the second bonus track, a pompous remix of “Ao Acaso.” I think this addition was necessary to give the cd a reasonable length. The invited guest musicians, Nando Reis, Manu Chao, Marcelinho da Lua, Andreas Kisser and Apollo 9 get a chance to put their stamp upon the songs they perform. Another quality of the music of Paralamas; it’s flexible but it always will sound like “Os Paralamas do Sucesso”. Great album!



Os Paralamas do Sucesso 
EMI 342035 2 (2005)
Total time: 41’56”


  1. 2 A (Herbert Vianna)
  2. Pétalas (Nando Reis – Herbert Vianna – Bi Ribeiro – João Barone) – w/ Nando Reis
  3. Na Pista (Herbert Vianna)
  4. Soledad Cidadão (Herbert Vianna – Pedro Luis) – w/ Manu Chao
  5. Passo Lento (Herbert Vianna – Bi Ribeiro – João Barone)
  6. De Perto (Herbert Vianna)
  7. Ao Acaso (Herbert Vianna – Bi Ribeiro – João Barone) – w/ Marcelinho da Lua
  8. Hoje (Herbert Vianna – Bi Ribeiro – João Barone)
  9. Fora do Lugar (Leoni – Herbert Vianna – Bi Ribeiro – João Barone) – w/ Andréas Kisser
  10. 220 Desencapado (Herbert Vianna – Bi Ribeiro – João Barone)
  11. Ponto de Vista (Herbert Vianna) – w/ Andréas Kisser
  12. Deus Lhe Pague (Chico Buarque) – w/ Apollo 9
  13. Ao Acaso Dub (Herbert Vianna – Bi Ribeiro – João Barone)