Dec 03 2004

Nó em Pingo D’Água: Salvador

Eclectic and Contemporary


SalvadorFor its second album, Nó em Pingo D’Água’s formation was Mário Sève (sax, flute), Rodrigo Lessa (mandolin, tenor guitar), Sergio Costa (cavaquinho), Rogério Souza (6-string acoustic guitar), Jorge Simas (7-string acoustic guitar) and Marco Suzano (percussion).

The repertoire in Salvador is more eclectic and contemporary than Nó’s first album. Mário Sève is responsible for six arrangements. The remaining tracks were arranged by Jorge Simas, Rogério Souza, Rodrigo Lessa, and one number was a collaborative arrangement of the group. It is interesting to note Suzano’s presence in this recording. His expertise with an array of percussive instruments is clear in all tracks. Whether playing the pandeiro, caxixi, ganzá, temple blocks or agogô, Suzano’s thrilling sound provides a nice addition to what has become a constant presence in future Nó’s albums. The same is true with Costa’s cavaquinho sharp solos, as in the introduction os “Quebra Pedra.” The two compositions by Hermeto Pascoal, “Nosso Encontro” (co-written with Sivuca) and “Bebê,” bring a pleasant baião feeling and Northeastern flavor, which is reinforced later with the electric frevo that closes the album, “Chuva Morna.” That piece is dynamite. Also deserving special mention are “Curumim,” “Chará,” and “Libertango.” Nó’s version for Mariano’s “Curumim” (it was recorded in Samambaia) is really spiced up with an irresistible choro beat. As for Powell’s “Chará,” Suzano does his one-man show on the surdo, cuíca and repique. The non-Brazilian piece, “Libertango,” gives Piazolla a whole different sound. The guitars, cavaquinho and mandolin combination produces a passionate sound.

You can hear samples of tracks in Salvador at this page.



Nó em Pingo D’Água
Visom VICD00091 (1988)
Time: 38’26”


  1. Salvador (Egberto Gismonti)
  2. Quebra Pedra (Tom Jobim)
  3. Nosso Encontro (Sivuca – Hermeto Pascoal
  4. Viola Violada (Nonato Luiz)
  5. Chorava (Wagner Tiso)
  6. Curumim (Cesar Camargo Mariano)
  7. Chará (Baden Powell)
  8. Bebê (Hermeto Pascoal)
  9. Libertango (Astor Piazolla)
  10. Chuva Morna (Heraldo do Monte – J. Petrolino)