Dec 04 2004

Nó em Pindo D’Água

Nó em Pingo D'Água

If you have not yet heard anything by Nó em Pingo D’Água, you are missing one of the best choro groups in contemporary Brazilian music. Since 1983, with the release of João Pernambuco (Atração ATR 32010), Nó has been pushing choro to new heights. The group is a front runner in the neo-choro movement. The group name itself says a lot about Nó. It’s as creative as the music they make. Just like it’s hard to envision how one can tie a “knot in a drop of water,” it is equally challenging to define Nó’s music with words. Their sound is unique and can best be experienced through their highly artistic performances full of vigor, style and musicianship. Besides being the winner of the 3rd Choro Group Contest in 1979, Nó em Pingo D’Água has performed with names such as Araci Cortês, Nelson Cavaquinho, Ademilde Fonseca, Moreira da Silva and more recently with Ney Matogrosso.

Nó em Pingo D’Água has undergone some changes since it was formed in 1979. When that first album honoring the music of João Pernambuco was released in 1983, the group’s formation was Jorge Simas (7-string acoustic guitar), Márcio Gomes (percussion), Mário Sève (sax and flute), Rogério Souza (acoustic guitar), Pedro Amorim (mandolin and tenor guitar) and Wanderson Martins (cavaquinho). In its present formation, the group is now comprised of Celsinho Silva (pandeiro and percussion), Mário Sève (sax and flute), Rodrigo Lessa (mandolin and cavaquinho), Rogério Souza (acoustic guitar and 7-string acoustic guitar) and Papito (bass). The second album, Salvador (Visom VICD00091, 1988), featured music by Hermeto Pascoal, Cesar Camargo Mariano and others. It was followed by Receita de Samba (Visom VICD00064, 1991). The repertoire was all Jacob do Bandolim. With Nó na Garganta (Independent 0013NPD07, 1999), the group featured the present formation and a repertoire with music by Guinga, Villa-Lobos as well as their own compositions. In 2001, Almir Chediak produced Nó em Pingo D’Água with Cristovão Bastos in what became one of that year’s best releases, Domingo na Geral (Lumiar LD57-02/01). The group’s latest album is Nó em Pingo D’Água Interpreta Paulinho da Viola(Independent 0304NPD57, 2003).


João Pernambuco João Pernambuco (1983) SalvadorSalvador (1988) Receita de Samba

Receita de Samba (1991)

Nó na Garganta

Nó na Garganta (1999)

Domingo na GeralDomingo na Geral (2001) Interpreta Paulinho da ViolaNó em Pingo D’Água Interpreta Paulinho da Viola (2003)