Feb 07 2008

Nave: Segredos do Chão

A Tranquil Vocal Quality


Nave: Segredos do ChãoStarting in the early 1990’s, Nave was a trio that primarily did covers of progressive rock bands, such as Yes, King Crimson and others. Little by little the group expanded and began to make its name known among Brazilian rock musicians. Its first recordings appeared in some compilations, including the 1993 Tales of Brazilian Rock with the song “End of Torments.” The first big break took place in 1994 in the Cultural Center of São Paulo in the project named “Progressivos.” From that performance, the group laid the foundation for its first CD released in 1997. Today Nave is Benigno Sobral Jr. (bass, vocals), Roger Troyjo (percussion, vocals), Estevão Kalaany (guitars, vocals), Marcos Vita (keyboards, vocals) and Ricardo Stuani (drums). In this recording, Segredos do Chão, there is also special guest Alex Bessa (keyboards), who has performed with Terço and Rita Lee.

During the ten-year absence from the recording studio, Nave changed from being a group that sang English songs to a Brazilian rock band that shows influences from Milton Nascimento’s Clube da Esquina as well as 14 Bis and A Cor do Som. There is still a hint of classic rock from Yes and Genesis, but the Brazilian flavor is definitely stamped in the group’s sound. The songs performed in Segredos do Chão take the listener to nature, such as the opener “Arcabuzes” and its references to Serra do Mar and Tietê as well as the direct reference in the album title (Secrets of the Ground). Also, in “Águas Claras,” the subject of shining mornings and clear water rivers are present in a airy arrangement with a nice guitar presence. There is also a tranquil vocal quality to Nave’s sound, with soft voices and elaborate harmonies.

You can read more about Nave and hear sample tracks in the group’s web site.



Segredos do Chão 
Independent (2007)
Total time: 55’10”


  1. Arcabuzes (Benigno Jr. – Estevão Kalaany)
  2. A Seu Tempo (Roger Troyjo – Marcio Porto – Maurício Nascimento)
  3. Águas Claras (Benigno Jr. – Estevão Kalaany)
  4. Paralelas Marginais (Ricardo Stuani – Marcos Vita – Jadson Gallego)
  5. Sobrevôo (Ricardo Stuani – Roger Troyjo – Marcos Vita)
  6. D’Alma (Estevão Kalaany)
  7. Segredos do Chão (Estevão Kalaany – Ricardo Stuani)
  8. Vertigens (Estevão Kalaany – Ricardo Stuani)
  9. Longe Daqui (Benigno Jr. – Estevão Kalaany – Ricardo Stuani – Roger Troyjo)
  10. Céu de Cachoeira (Estevão Kalaany – Ricardo Stuani – Roger Troyjo)
  11. De Uma Vez (Benigno Jr. – Estevão Kalaany)