Jan 31 2014

Music to Your Ears!

Listening To What We Review…


Spotify ListsIf you have ever wondered what it is we are listening to in MúsicaBrasileira.org, you can now satisfy that curiosity. A new tab was added to our menu bar: Sounds. In addition to the Podcasts we have created, you can now hear Rdio and Spotify lists! The master lists are continuously updated as new albums are reviewed here and old albums become available in Rdio and Spotify. Subscribe to either or both lists and enjoy hours of amazing Brazilian music! So far it is over 170 hours of excellent music and more than 2,500 songs for your listening pleasure. Of course, since we only review music we like, you know these are among our favorite albums. We think you will like the variety this Spotify list offers.



— The MúsicaBrasileira.org Editorial Team