Feb 07 2008

Muíza Adnet: Muíza Adnet Sings Moacir Santos


Muiza Adnet Sings Moacir SantosShortly after completing this recording, Moacir Santos passed away on August 6, 2006. Thanks to Mario Adnet‘s tireless work on recovering Moacir’s music in the last few years — you should check Ouro Negro (2001) and Choros & Alegria (2005) — listeners worldwide are lucky to have one more album dedicated to the music of this great maestro.

Muíza Adnet Sings Moacir Santos is a lovely tribute with emphasis on the music Moacir wrote with lyrics by names ranging from Jay Livingston to Gilberto Gil. With musical direction and arrangements by Mario Adnet, with production by Mariza and Mario Adnet, the album carries the impeccable taste in everything with Mario’s touch. Muíza’s voice seems to be a fitting vehicle to these songs. Her voice is tender, breathy at times, and always with the right emotion and phrasing. Throughout the entire album, and in particular in the songs she performs along with Moacir himself — “Ciranda,” “Nanã” and “A Santinha Lá da Serra” — we can hear her respect for these timeless gems. Especially in “A Santinha Lá da Serra,” with the addition of Milton Nascimento‘s voice, the album reaches to the skies in splendor. Another memorable duet is found in “Se Você Disser Que Sim,” with Mario Adnet sharing the spotlight on guitar and vocals. This bossa has everything one expects: swing, lyrics and performance. With Vinícius de Moraes’ poetry present in three songs, Moacir’s music is on the same level as the music of Tom Jobim, Vinícius’ other more constant collaborator.

As with other Mario Adnet productions, this CD also has a stellar roster of musicians that shine from the opening track to the closing number. Here we find Gabriel Geszti (piano, keyboards), Zé Luiz Maia (bass), Armando Marçal (percussion), Marcos Nimrichter (accordion, piano), Andrea Ernst Dias (flutes), Eduardo Neves (sax), Hugo Pilger (cello), Gabriel Improta (guitar), Zé Nogueira (soprano sax) and several others. Muíza Adnet Sings Moacir Santos comes from the soul of dedicated performers. Muíza herself gives her all to these beautiful songs.



Muíza Adnet 
Muíza Adnet Sings Moacir Santos 
Adventure Music AM 1032 2 (2007)
Total time: 49’29”


  1. Ciranda (Moacir Santos – Gilberto Gil) – w/ Moacir Santos
  2. Off and On (Moacir Santos – Y. Cotti)
  3. Early Morning Love (Moacir Santos – Y. Cotti)
  4. Nanã (Moacir Santos – Mario Telles – Y. Cotti) – w/ Moacir Santos
  5. Se Você Disser Que Sim (Moacir Santos – Vinícius de Moraes) – w/ Mario Adnet
  6. Lembre-se (Moacir Santos – Vinícius de Moraes)
  7. A Santinha Lá da Serra (Moacir Santos – Vinícius de Moraes) – w/ Moacir Santos and Milton Nascimento
  8. This Life (Moacir Santos – Y. Cotti)
  9. Wake Up and Smile (Moacir Santos – Jay Livingstone – Ray Evans)
  10. April Child (Moacir Santos – Jay Livingstone – Ray Evans) – w/ Moacir Santos
  11. Tomorrow Is Mine (Moacir Santos – M. Campbell) – w/ Ivan Lins
  12. Marchinha dos Santos Glória (Moacir Santos – Jean Garfunkel)