Apr 07 2007

Moska: + Novo de Novo

While Waiting for a New Album


+ Novo de Novo

Tudo Novo de Novo still is Paulinho Moska’s last studio album. To kill the time while waiting for the next album, a DVD has been released. The material features a concert Paulinho Moska presented in Brazil’s capital, Brasília, during his Tudo Novo de Novo promotion tour.  On December 4 and 5, 2004, Paulinho and his band were guests at the Teatro da Caixa. With Sacha Amback on keyboards, Dunga on bass, Christiaan Oyens on the drums and percussionist Ramiro Musotto nothing could go wrong. These musicians are among the best Moska can wish for. They fully understand the music of the somewhat eccentric artist. Sacha Amback knows as no one else how to create the perfect atmosphere for the very personal compositions of Moska. The compositions of the cd were built around his project of “auto-retratos,” snapshots of his own reflection in shiny bathroom equipment like taps, doorknobs and things like that. The sounds Sacha Amback produces from his keyboards illustrate that weird element in Moska’s music. Bassist is the solid and reliable Dunga, a long time musical partner of Paulinho Moska. Christiaan Oyens is on drums. It’s a delight to hear him again behind the drum kit. His drum style benefits from his talent as a producer, serving the music with a perfect knowledge of its needs. And of course the percussion is optimal when it’s handled by the tasteful perfectionist Ramiro Musotto.

The DVD is not just a visual copy of the CD. Different arrangements give the repertoire a fresh impulse. Among the DVD’s many good moments is the solo feature of “A Seta e o Alvo.” Moska fully shows his sense for the theatrical element in his music. He uses it to put an exclamation mark behind his often cynical lyrics. The song is followed by an even theatrical loaded duet with pianist Sacha Amback (“Admiração”). It seems like the piano inspires Moska to demonstrate his most personal vocal performance. MoskaNext is a duet with Christiaan Oyens, who accompanies Moska on his beautiful Weissenborn lap steel guitar in “Trampolim.” The beautiful solo certainly is among the DVD’s highlights.  Percussionist Ramiro Musotto is featured on the berimbau in the opening of “A Idade do Céu.”  Other special moments are the wonderful rendition of “Seu Olhar,” which will be featured as a studio recording on Moska’s next album. The show ends quite surprisingly when the band is accompanied by the percussion group Bate Lata. The group is built around unspoiled youngsters (they have to leave the band when they reach the age of 17), who modestly but firm accentuate the rhythm during the last three tracks of the DVD. It’s fun to witness the cute concentration and fun of the percussionists and three girls in the background vocals.

A wonderful extra of the DVD is the translation of all the lyrics. Band members Christiaan Oyens and Ramiro Musotto (of Argentinean origin) take care of the respectively English and Spanish subtitles. And since the music is inspired by Moska’s snapshots, the DVD has a special chapter with a small but nice collection of those. Other extras are a duet on the beach with Jorge Drexler and a duet with Mart’nalia. The DVD can be watched with or without the often remarkable comments by Moska.

Of course there’s a CD of the event too. The CD has tracks that are not on the DVD and vise versa… a commercial strategy that wants the consumer to buy both products. I think the DVD will do fine in addition to the studio recording. Watching Moska perform his own music is extra special.

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  1. Tudo Novo de Novo (Moska)
  2. Lágrimas de Diamantes (Moska)
  3. Reflexos e Reflexões (Moska)
  4. O Jardim do Silêncio (Moska)
  5. A Seta e o Alvo (Moska – Nilo Romero)
  6. Admiração (Moska)
  7. Trampolim (Moska)
  8. A Idade do Céu (Jorge Drexler)
  9. Dos Colores Blanco y Negro (Jorge Drexler) (only on DVD)
  10. Seu Olhar (Moska – Suely Mesquita)
  11. Pensando em Você (Moska)
  12. Sem Dizer Adeus (Moska)
  13. Acordando (Moska) (only on DVD)
  14. O Bilhete no Fim (Moska)
  15. Um Móbile no Furacão (Moska)
  16. Relampiano (Lenine – Moska)
  17. O Mundo (André Abujamra)
  18. O Último Dia (Moska – Billy Brandão)

Only on CD:
Cheio de Vazio (Moska)
Admito (Moska)